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Crazy Boat Accident thumb1237
1 week ago no Comment

Here is a very rare video of a boat that actually becomes detached from its tow vehicle. Tow hitches are designed to stay attached even in violent accidents so it’s likely this guy actually forgot to lock down the tow hitch. A few bumps later and off the boat goes, smashing into this poor guy […]

plane lands on road thumb2362
1 week ago no Comment

Remarkable landing by a small plane on a busy roadway. He even lands on a green light! He is able to land the plane safely and pulls it over to the side of the road…

Space is a Hoax Flat Earth Files thumb16330
1 week ago no Comment

Cute girl with big tits blathers on about her theories about space. Try to follow what the fuck she is saying and make sense of it or just enjoy her cuteness and massive titties. Either she is on drugs you you’ll need drugs to understand what points she is trying to make. Anyway give it […]

Balloon Goes Wrong 3 dead thumb2723
3 weeks ago no Comment

It looks like some festival in Thailand involves the launching of a balloon that is timed to release a shitload of fireworks when it is high up in the air to the amazement of the crowd. You can see that this hot air balloon with the burner inside looks way too small to lift that […]

Top 200 Highlights of Animals VERY FUNNY ANIMALS thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

For those that come to the internet for funny cat or other animal videos, here is an array of funny clips of animals doing silly things and making we humans laugh…

13 BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2018 4 thumb67837
3 weeks ago no Comment

More silly screw ups of people delivering the news and those around them too….

Sandy and her Boppin Strip tease thumb2945
3 weeks ago no Comment

Check out Sandy and her boppin strip tease and the cool upshot camera angles….

Car Buying Mistakes thumb28886
3 weeks ago no Comment

Kevin Hunter reviews 13 common car buying mistakes that people make, and get taken for a ride. Wtahc this video first and get prepared properly before you venture out to buy a car and make a great deal for yourself…

woman converts ambulance thumb0
1 month ago no Comment

British woman has bought an ambulance and converted it into her full time home. Another alternative to the van life movement that is sweeping the world. The van has good headroom and is wide and spacious. Check out all the amenities and her cool design…

Reagan tells Soviet jokes thumb8270
1 month ago no Comment

Beloved president Ronald Reagan was president in the 1980’s when Communism under Gorbechov was still the system of government in Russia. Reagan used to enjoy telling jokes during his presidential speeches that take stabs at the Communist way of life. Reagan could run a country as well as be entertaining, because of his acting background…

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