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Hornblasters Classic thumb1427
2 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s an older video of the Hornblaster gang with their compressor driven train horn at 180 decibels scaring the living shit out of people. Check out the homies near the end who automatically run like hell when the horn goes off….

WW2 From the Germans Point of View HD thumb18214
3 weeks ago no Comment

They say that the victors of way write the history books. We’ve all seen countless movies and read piles of books on World War 2, but always from the perspective of the victors. This fascinating documentary discusses and reveals what the war was like for the German people…

Hovercraft Giant SR N4 thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

Hovercrafts were popular in the 1970’s and into the 1990’s until high operating costs killed most of the hovercraft services around the world. These crafts offered the convenience of boat travel over short distances like ferry routes but at a much faster rate. Escalating fuel costs and ticket prices generated a drop in ticket sales […]

Ten Unsafest Planes thumb2199
3 weeks ago no Comment

Here are ten planes with terrible crash records. Fortunately, many of them come from earlier days of aviation and are no longer in service. Some like the MD-11 and DC-10 are still around but largely relegated to cargo service only. Today’s modern planes have much better safety records…

Crazy Old Mother Bitch Drug Pimp Whore Woman thumb14411
4 weeks ago no Comment

Maxim Bady interviews this total degenerate who discusses a variety of her life’s issues and experiences. This is pretty much the rock bottom of America….

8 World Worst Drivers on Cars 2018 part 3 thumb51280
1 month ago no Comment

Check out this compiliation of bad drivers, mostly from Russia and China…

A Stressful Flight thumb117624
1 month ago no Comment

Sit in the co-pilot’s seat and fly with this ace pilot in this single engine airplane to Miami under difficult weather circumstances. Watch the whole procedure from engine startup to planning, to landing in low visibility…

Screenshot from 2019 01 09 09 43 10
1 month ago no Comment

Here we go again with the non binary idea, where gender fluid is the term they invented to describe people who don’t identify as men or women. Then they impose their ideas on us and insist we call them “they” or some term like that. Firstly, do they have the right to change the English […]

Screenshot from 2019 01 08 20 55 38
1 month ago no Comment

This young woman reviews her experiences in a Gender Studies course. She explains what she experienced and what a waste of time these courses are. Sadly, hundreds of colleges and universities are offering these retarded courses that don’t develop any real world skills in the student, but just reinforce loser victim behavior. If your kid […]

Giant Human Beings Existed thumb30366
1 month ago no Comment

According to this documentary giant human beings existed in the past. Maybe they’re still around. These behemoths would have a hell of a time sitting on one of our crowded planes or using the shitter…

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