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21 Translation Fails That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing thumb11401
2 weeks ago no Comment

Here is an array of signs, menus and other documents¬† in foreign countries that have really missed the mark when it comes to accurately translating into the English language. Some of these signs are professionally done, which makes us wonder why they don’t have the resources to get a proper linguistic translator to correctly create […]

19 How to Make Moonshine thumb13803
3 weeks ago no Comment

Moonshine is American as apple pie, but today you can only use it to make ethanol fuel with a permit. So this video by Claw Hammer Supply is for educational purposes only. Check out how easy it can be and look at their very cool equipment too….  

Goth Cutie thumb14972
1 month ago no Comment

Enjoy this Goth Cutie in her little outfit as she plays around in her room with her gorgeous natural titties…

1 month ago no Comment

Early compilation of seriously goofy aviation failures. This film was made in the 1920’s. What were they thinking?

How To Build A Small Home Without Borrowing Money thumb83320
2 months ago no Comment

Kevin and his wife have built a really nice smaller home (not even a tiny house) on a cash basis. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and build it yourself like they are doing and sub-contract out the bare minimum, you can own a house debt free too…

A Bicycle Tour of Downtown Charleston South Carolina thumb112451
2 months ago no Comment

Great POV style tour of all the neat parts of Charleston including the waterfront. The amazing town of Charleston is America’s oldest city….enjoy..

American Drug war 2 thumb17572
2 months ago no Comment

Recreational use of Marijuana is growing in a handful of states. Yet most states still prohibit the use of marijuana for medical purposes such as pain control, cancer, tumors etc. This documentary is somewhat dated, however it’s a good reflection of the controls that the government implements on the people in order to force us […]

10 Signs That You Are Highly Intelligent thumb126
3 months ago no Comment

This upbeat video offers ten signs that make you intelligent and briefly explain the connection between these traits and how they support intelligence. Check these traits out for yourself and you’ll probably discover that you’re smarter than you think….

Screenshot from 2018 11 13 09 24 26 e1542119246232
3 months ago no Comment

This guy takes Chinese Driving to an all new level! Here, Maxim Bady analyzes what the fuck is going on with this guy who has multiple collisions in a matter of minutes….  

ava e1541111794420
4 months ago no Comment

If you think we are having a global oil shortage, we’ve found out where it’s all gone. All over Ava Addams massive titties…

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