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Helicopter Crash Compilation thumb7762
2 weeks ago no Comment

Compilation of some very scary chopper crashes. After seeing these you probably won’t want to get into one. Some of these crashes are just a few feet off the ground and very sudden, when rotors fails or other mechanical failures leave no room for error….  

14 Unrecovered Bodies Still on Mount Everest thumb7288
3 weeks ago no Comment

There are still 200 bodies that remain on Everest. Usually bodies remain where climbers die, and with the cold climate, decay is very slow, however some bodies on the lower parts of Everest do slowly decay and pollute the melting water that descends into the river below. This makes villagers downstream sick because of the […]

Screenshot from 2019 01 28 11 31 19
3 weeks ago no Comment

PBS documentary on the 1996 storm On Everest that claimed more lives than any other year. Beyond the dead, there were many survivors with frostbite who still live on today with fewer fingers, toes or limbs. This year marked Everest’s worst tragedy for climbers…

13 EXPOSING The Internet’s Longest Running FAKE Supercar SCAM thumb36704
3 weeks ago no Comment

Well meaning guy explains how scammers sucker people into sending money for replica cars that are promised in six weeks but never materialize. They’ve been scamming for over ten years now. They bait people with amazing low prices and ask for a big deposit up front and then vanish….Buyers beware – you can’t get a […]

13 Cheap Fake Space made in China ✞ thumb15919
3 weeks ago no Comment

The Chinese are notorious for copying American stuff, why not fake space just like NASA does, but on a much cheaper budget? Check out these cheaper fake space footage videos that the Chinese have pumped out mostly in underwater tanks…

Epic Asshole Drivers thumb45611
3 weeks ago no Comment

Check out these total assholes as they fuck up their day as well as many others on the road. Most of these accidents are totally avoidable, taking place in the day on good dry roads. Many are powered by vodka and other ill shit…

Rhondas fitness program thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

Check out Rhonda’s comprehensive fitness program. This cutie makes working out look like a total blast…  

Without Bound Perspectives on Mobile Living Documentary thumb42257
4 weeks ago no Comment

Heartwarming documentary on a handful of special people who have either chosen or been forced into the alternate lifestyle of mobile living. Listen to their stories and see how they have made mobile living a quality way of life. More and more people are choosing tiny homes, mobile homes and other forms of non traditional […]

Boat Fails Compilation thumb48163
1 month ago no Comment

Here are more fuck ups largely in small boats that proves you don’t need a huge boat to hugely screw up…  

The 10 Worst High school Prom Dresses Ever thumb1281
1 month ago no Comment

Maxim Bady reviews a selection of totally screwed up prom dresses in America. Where are these young people going to land up when they get older?  

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