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Boat Ramp Disasters thumb16775
2 weeks ago no Comment

Here is a compilation of disasters at the boat ramp with a whole array of flooded and totally submerged cars that will probably never be running again. Many of these people will probably never try to launch a boat again, maybe take up Karaoke instead….

Ho Lee Fuk San Francisco TV Station Pranked Into Reporting Fabricated Names Of Asiana Pilots thumb7079
2 weeks ago no Comment

Remember a couple of years back when Asiana Flight 214 came in too low and crashed trying to land at the San Francisco airport? Pranksters fed the teleprompter with fabricated names of the crew and the dipshit newscaster read them off without even thinking what she was reading. It was a very sad event but […]

Abandoned Manions with Luxury Cars left Behind thumb1449
3 weeks ago no Comment

Eerie tour of an abandoned estate with cars just left behind as well. A real shame as everything on the property is rotting away. This was a very cool place to live, we always wonder why estates like this one as just left to fade away…

Ashleigh Greene thumb8729
3 weeks ago no Comment

Getting bummed out with all the cold weather? Warm up with Ashleigh’s bikini clad adventure. Her smile, shyness and perfect titties will warm up your day….

4 Apparently Kid Returns to Wayne County Fair thumb3111
1 month ago no Comment

Noah Ritter makes a new appearance this year as a celebrity after last year’s “apparently” interview at the fair last year. He’s still cute and funny and very well spoken and now complains how his grandfather has brainwashed him in regards to sports. The “Apparently Kid” also appears on The Ellen Show too. You can […]

6 Street fighter Crazy Drunk Russian Edition thumb9239
1 month ago no Comment

Hilarious adaptation of the popular Street Fighter game connected with a couple of Russian Drunks fighting by the side of a park…

Hitler Smells a Fart thumb17190
2 months ago no Comment

Down in the depths of der FuhrurBunker, someone rips a serious fart and Hitler goes Bananas…

65 Stone and Trapped in My House Obesity Documentary Only Human thumb160356
2 months ago no Comment

Are you thinking of having an extra piece of pie or want to sneak down at 2:00 AM for some ice cream? Keep it up and you’ll end up like Carl Thompson, Britain’s fattest man. This poor guy can’t even move off of his bed  and in spite of well-meaning medical help, it’s too little, […]

The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think thumb10305
2 months ago no Comment

Watch this fascinating short animation on the actual known depths of the ocean….We’ve probably mapped less than 5% of what’s down there…

21 Year Old Girl Lives as a Baby thumb1625
3 months ago no Comment

What the fuck. Here we go again with another whacko who pretends she’s a baby and pees in her diaper. Paul Joseph Watson reviews the madness and sheer stupidity of this nut job who even has a boyfriend who goes along with this bullshit….

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