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bungee rope too long thumb159
2 weeks ago no Comment

Are you on vacation? Did you just fork out $60 to try a tourist trap bungee jump? Stay away from these dumb fuckers who couldn’t afford a tape measure and made the cord too long. Hope this guy gets his money back once he is conscious again…

Terrifying Bridges around the World thumb60472
3 weeks ago no Comment

Check out these bizarre 12 bridges around the world that scare the crap out of the people that use them. From glass bridges to unbelievably steep ones, somebody thought of this madness and actually built them…  

Hailey Mills in Corset e thumb12747
3 weeks ago no Comment

Check out Hailey Mills in a gorgeous black corset. Watch her lounge around on her bed and show off just how perfect she looks….Her large, perfectly shaped natural titties will make your day….

Goat Roughhousing soyboy thumb313
3 weeks ago no Comment

A little future soyboy encounters a little goat who rams him in the pecker, traumatizing him forever. He’ll be able to use this experience as an excuse for every future failure he encounters…

Hailey Strips at the Office thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s cute Hailey stripping at the office. What a great place to work! Because it is a work video, you can watch it on the job. So if your boss comes to your cubicle and catches you watching Hailey strip, tell her to go fuck herself, it’s a WORK video…

Indiana State Prison thumb66094
1 month ago no Comment

Revealing documentary about one of the  roughest prisons in America. Interviews with some of the inmates and their crimes and sentences.

2 Abandoned 1800s Plantation Mansion Explore DEATH TRAP thumb54715
1 month ago no Comment

Creepy looking place with missing floors and death traps everywhere….

Things Rich People Do thumb13505
1 month ago no Comment

Here are 14 habits of rich people that poor people don’t do. Think about adopting one or more of these habits and maybe you’ll become richer…

Social media Photos thumb16580
1 month ago no Comment

Here’s a compilation of social media photos that have been skillfully cropped to mislead you. Check out the full pictures and see the funny truth…

Transgender Kids LGBT Documentary Real Stories HIGH thumb63678
1 month ago no Comment

Check out these kids who become transgender at a very young age and are actually encouraged by their parents. The parents also love the attention. What a mess…

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