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14 Homebrewing 101 Beginners Guide to Brewing Beer thumb77263
3 weeks ago no Comment

Northern Brewing Company sells complete kits so that you have everything you need to make your own beer. It’s not that hard and you’ll have a pure beer with no preservatives and it will be your own creation. You’ll also save lots fo money too. There are many companies that sell beer kits, go out […]

Lynnwood Hall Drone Exploration thumb2726
3 weeks ago no Comment

Adventurer Kyle McGran explores the manion from the outside with some great drone shots too. Lynnewood Hall was built by the Widener family in the early 1900’s. Widener had made his fortune in steamships and railway investments. With the recommendation of JP Morgan, the richest man in the world Widener invested in the Titanic. Although […]

ed gein
3 weeks ago no Comment

Good old Ed Gein was your typical reclusive farmer next door. He kept to himself and was a pretty regular kind of guy. Except when he mummified his dead mother so he could talk to her after her death (and maybe do other things to her…). He liked murdering local women and making masks out […]

This Girl Says She is White thumb3544
4 weeks ago no Comment

OK here we go again. Paul Joseph Watson discusses this contemporary fruitcake.  Someone who “identifies” as something they’re not and something no one else can see or understand. Not only does this girl think she is white, she hates black people too, and refers to them in a derogatory manner. You might think she is […]

9 Why we need to teach thumb9549
1 month ago no Comment

Jay Leno goes out and asks millennials some simple geography questions. Check out their dipshit answers…

Cashier Allegedly Misgenders Transgender Woman She Responds With a Public Meltdown thumb4351
1 month ago no Comment

A transgender woman is referred to as “sir” by the Game Stop employee and goes apeshit on him. Other transgenders analyze the event. You decide what’s going on here…

3 Murders at Corpsewood Manor a Tale of Sex Drugs and Satanism thumb1863
1 month ago no Comment

Two explorers visit the ruins of Corpsewood Manor where two grisly murders took place a few decades ago. The owner was a closet homosexual who held gay satanic ritual parties with his gay lover. One day when they invite the wrong pair of guys to their sick parties, the tide is turned on them and […]

16 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True Michael Snyder WarisCrime thumb0
1 month ago no Comment

For all you conspiracy enthusiasts, check out this detailed video by Michael Snyder who reviews 16 conspiracy theories that he believes have turned out to be true. Then decide for yourself…

Dumb Driving Crashes thumb25133
1 month ago no Comment

Here are more brain dead people getting into largely unavoidable accidents and ruining the lives of others….

White Tanning Addict Lady Turns Herself ‘Dark Crispy Brown’ thumb2909
1 month ago no Comment

Maxim Bady reviews this recent cosmetic mess. So this relatively nice woman loses her mind and gets a shitload of plastic surgery. Then she tans herself like crazy until she’s pretty much a crispy brown color. A total disaster and she has a boyfriend who thinks this is all normal…

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