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St Maartens Amazing 747 Takeoff and Landing thumb45573
3 weeks ago no Comment

St Maartens offers the perfect view of large jet landings and takeoffs. Not only is it close up and personal, people get blasted by the jet engines on takeoff as they watch. Check out how the planes need to ascend quickly on takeoff to avoid the mountains at the end of the runway….

Ku Klux Klan A Secret History thumb132203
1 month ago no Comment

Detailed documentary on the dark history and evil deeds of the Ku Klux Clan. How they peaked in the 1960’s in membership and then dwindled down into a small band of misfits prancing around in goofy outfits.  

2 Why Different Countries Use Different Plugs thumb5715
1 month ago no Comment

Have you ever gone on vacation and discovered once you get in the hotel room in a foreign country that you can’t plug in your electric dildo? You’ve got a normal American plug and the hotel has some fucked up triangular plug with a flat prong, a vertical one and some other shit contraption for […]

The Flying Boats Speed Machines Spark thumb1362
3 months ago no Comment

Before non-stop transatlantic flight became a reality, these flying boats or “clippers” flew across the Atlantic and other parts of the southern hemisphere in the 1930’s. The Clippers offered the height of luxury to their wealthy passengers but limitations on water based landings and takeoffs made these amazing planes obsolete as conventional airliners become more […]

College Conspiracy Full Length thumb0
3 months ago no Comment

Here is a full length documentary about what a racket the college business has become. Poor students are going into debt for life for worthless degrees and are being literally dumbed down and programmed by the government. Watch this full length video and understand the corruption and money involved in the present day college scam… […]

3 months ago no Comment

Whether you are into woodworking or not here are 29 projects that capture the real beauty of wood and the imagination of these designers…

Screenshot from 2018 11 13 09 06 06 e1542118747119
3 months ago no Comment

Check out this hemp based house with a very efficient design. Here is another great use of hemp that has been used for thousands of years for many applications.

Screenshot from 2018 11 06 16 37 14 e1541540291605
3 months ago no Comment

Here’s Busty Katie brushing her teeth….with her, dental hygiene can be truly hypnotic…

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