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Couple Builds Tiny House for Just 420 thumb6332
1 week ago no Comment

This creative couple built this tiny house for just over $400 using salvaged materials and minimal purchases. Being built mostly from scrap materials, it doesn’t look bad either…

2 weeks ago no Comment

Try making some of these cool and creative cement projects at home to enhance your decor or garden. There are 25 neat projects that use either plaster or cement to make some cool things you wouldn’t expect from cement…

10 17 year olds dial a rotary phone thumb17986
1 month ago no Comment

A couple of millennial retards are asked to operate a rotary phone. One guy is wearing his ball cap backwards so you know these guys are losers. Check out how stupid millennials are, and even if they have never seen a phone like this, watch how they lack analytical prowess. Their approach to using the […]

Los Angeles Street Entertainment thumb11085
1 month ago no Comment

So these guys are on the street “entertaining” and people are actually making donations. Who the fuck writes their material? Why not just do a couple of magic tricks instead of this crap…

2 months ago no Comment

This guy shoots his wife every day with a nerf gun. It’s pretty funny but you know that they are divorced now for sure, and she has the house and all his shit and all he has is his nerf gun and his pecker…

1 Crazy Things Youll Only See In India thumb24065
2 months ago no Comment

Hilarious compilation of pictures from India including signs, transportation and cultural memes….

1 First look at the 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition thumb3457
2 months ago no Comment

Lincoln has reintroduced the Continental in 2019 with optional suicide doors. This car is so cool. Sadly they will only build 80 of these beasts in 2019 and they’ll cost more than $100,000. That’s a bit too much for a fucking Lincoln, even with the suicide doors. As an independent, strong and empowered black woman, […]

Their Incredible TINY HOUSE Transforms into a Traveling Theater thumb17479
2 months ago no Comment

Jenna Spesard, tiny home specialist has discovered something really special. This is one of the greatest tiny houses you’ll every see! Not only is it the near perfect tiny house with all its features, but it looks beautiful inside and out. But there’s more! The tiny house transforms into a little theater complete with a […]

The Three Stooges 092 Monkey Businessmen 1946 Curly Larry Moe 1 thumb27407
2 months ago no Comment

One of the earliest adventures with The Three Stooges, where the trio signs up at a fitness resort and encounters some crooked operators….

Screenshot from 2018 11 19 16 39 49
3 months ago no Comment

Rod Serling produced a whole bunch of scary and horror movies and TV episodes in the 1960’s. Many actors got their start on his show that enabled them to climb the ladder of fame. The acting for the 1960’s can sometimes get corny but hey, it WAS the 60’s so keep things in perspective. Serling […]

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