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Man Gets Pregnant thumb1649
3 weeks ago no Comment

As a strong, independent and empowered black woman even this story messed me up. OK, so this woman takes testosterone hormones and starts looking like a man. Has a beard, ball cap and guy’s checkered shirt. We’ll call him Mountain Mike. Mountain Mike still has a vagina and hasn’t had “bottom surgery” yet. Mountain Mike […]

Guy drinks Celery juice for seven days thumb28854
3 weeks ago no Comment

A well done video about a guy who drinks celery juice for seven days. Every day gets harder and harder but he prevails. He shows his drinking sessions and how his body and mind changed drinking celery juice…  

Then and Now Funny Pics thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

Hilarious series of pics that depict how things used to be compared to how they are now. In most cases, today’s scenarios are all bad…

Old Before My Time Drugs Documentary About Drug Addiction thumb315525
4 weeks ago no Comment

Fascinating British documentary about the effects of long term drug abuse. Some of the individuals profiled are abnormally young yet face a lifetime of health problems due to drug abuse and in many cases shortened lives as well…  

Worst Moments in Sports thumb12342
4 weeks ago no Comment

Compilation of epic moments in sports of embarrassments and screw ups. Everything from totally missing the ball to destroying the championship cup in front of thousands of spectators….

Black Ice Crash Compilation thumb16779
1 month ago no Comment

More disasters on the road in Russia. These are largely attributed to bad road conditions, maybe mixed with a little Vodka too…

A Month In The Bahamas On A 19 Sailboat thumb14774
1 month ago no Comment

Here is a very cool video of a guy who takes his two boys from Florida to the Bahamas on a little 19 ft boat, with his wife’s permission. Then they spend a glorious month in the Bahamas on their boat. This is the kind of adventure a kid will remember for the rest of […]

1 month ago no Comment

Brittany wishes everyone a happy Friday as she steps out of the shower. She’s going to the beach tomorrow to get some sun on her massive titties…..

Exploring Decaying SS United States Ocean liner Ship thumb7744
2 months ago no Comment

AbandonedSteve does a great job in showing this ship, now docked and rotting away in Philadelphia. There is an effort to restore her some day to her former glory…

On Line Dating scams thumb4003
2 months ago no Comment

Most people see on line dating as a total scam, at the very least a waste of time. Here we see people wiped out financially by some scammers and one woman even murdered through on line dating…

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