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The sinking of superyacht Yogi thumb3441
1 week ago no Comment

Here is the final footage of Yogi listing to starboard and going down as they rescue the crew…

Biography Pablo Escobar thumb17094
1 week ago no Comment

Still more dope on this crazy drug lord. This documentary shows all sides of Pablo, including all the money he spent on the people, providing them with homes, facilities and help when they needed it. He loved the people of Columbia and hated the drug addicts of America that financed his campaign…

WTF Head On Collision thumb3482
2 weeks ago no Comment

So Trevor can’t make the payments on his jeep and he’s really worried that he’s going to fuck up his credit rating. No problemo. Just destroy the jeep in an accident, collect the insurance and start over…

hammered guy takes a leak thumb1696
2 weeks ago no Comment

Hilarious toilet adventure of a guy who has become totally hammered. He tries his best but goes into shut-down mode in the end as his batteries run out…

Screenshot from 2019 01 30 12 17 21
2 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s a guy who has made beer before who makes beer entirely from grocery store ingredients. This is part 1, part 2 follows. Now YOU can make beer any time your local grocery store is open!

The Three Stooges 016 A Pain In The Pullman 1936 Curly Larry Moe DivX DaBaron 19m52s thumb298
3 weeks ago no Comment

This is one of the earlier classics featuring some of Curly’s first episodes. Train travel was very popular in the 1930’s. It was also one of the many venues that the Stooges liked to use because of the wide array of site gags they could embellish in their zany travels…

Millennials The Dumbest Generation in History thumb4467
1 month ago no Comment

Mark Dice asks millennials some simple questions and gets some really retarded answers. This generation is doomed…

Driving while Asian 1 thumb2019
1 month ago no Comment

Demonic Asian driver turns street driving into a video game…

chinese tidal wave thumb1342
1 month ago no Comment

Tourists get more than they bargained for as they videotape along the walkway. When a big wave comes in, it’s return leaves them soaked and missing…

A Very Well Presented Flat Earth Documentary thumb60840
1 month ago no Comment

Another case for the flat earth theory you can watch and ponder. Some  of it is starting to make sense….scary

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