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11 Early Detection of Silent Liver Cirrhosis thumb24445
3 weeks ago no Comment

Legendary Dr. Berg talks about your liver in this great video. Are you pounding back a few too many drinks after work? You may be on your way to seriously fucking up your liver, and then it’s game over. Look at these early warning signs of liver problems and go have yourself a cup of […]

11 5 Secrets to Buying a Cheap Used Car thumb14151
3 weeks ago no Comment

Auto Legend Scotty Kilmer talks about the five big things you need to look at when buying a sued car. Follow his advice and you just may land up with a good buy on your hands that will serve you faithfully for years to come…

Motorcycle drives 300km on Autobahn gets passed by Audi RS6 thumb3000
3 weeks ago no Comment

This hot shot on the motorcycle winds his machine up to 300 km/hr on the German Autobahn, only to get passed by some guy casually driving by in his Audi RS6. That’s the cat to buy if you’re in a hurry…

Amazing young Madagascan inventor and aviator thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

We were hoping that THIS would be THE ONE. That finally some African would build a plane that fucking flies. No luck yet, as this piece of shit is just good for taxiing around on the sand. So, we’ll keep waiting and hoping.

Car Wash Exit thumb3752
3 weeks ago no Comment

Sometimes when you crave attention, you’ll do things that will turn heads. Here, Miguel wants people to notice him as he leaves the car wash…

Man Destroyed by Killer Rabbits 1 thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

OK so he isn’t exactly killed but they smother him with affection as he tries to feed them. He visits the cuddly cornholios on a Japanese Island.

Crazy toothless fat woman bothers reporter thumb6403
4 weeks ago no Comment

A typical reporter is trying to do a story about an injured girl, somehow related to the crazy woman and her house. Look how uncomfortable and aggravated the reporter looks as this nutcase blathers on about crazy shit to the guy. Finally he puts the report back on track but the crazy fat woman just […]

Fuck the Ambulance thumb1502
4 weeks ago no Comment

Here in Russia some vodka freaks don’t care if an ambulance with its dash cam is trying to get through in an emergency. Slavek doesn’t give a flying fuck about the ambulance and even has the nerve to mess with it. All this is powered by vodka…

The Plane That Fell From the Sky thumb45201
4 weeks ago no Comment

This classic CBS documentary from 1983 reviews the 1979 near crash of TWA flight 841. The pilots were able to regain control of the Boeing 727 after it fell thousands of feet and made an emergency landing. The passengers heralded the pilots as heroes who blamed the near crash on faulty controls. However, investigators said […]

Dont Blink thumb1105
4 weeks ago no Comment

Short dash cam video of a guy minding his won business when a car pops out of nowhere and creates a spectacular accident…

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