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Flood Cars thumb2732
2 weeks ago no Comment

Cars don’t stand a chance against the power of Mother Nature’s rage. Just wait until these fucked up cars are dried up and put on Kijiji as the “deals of he century”. Buy one of these flood cars and wait for all the electrical and engine problems as you drive the car home…

20 Farting Preacher The Fart Awakens thumb15148
2 weeks ago no Comment

Still more hilarious farting sound effects with preacher scam artist Robert Tilton. There’s no end to this fun….

14 Brewing a beer with ONLY grocery store ingredients PART 2 thumb43821
2 weeks ago no Comment

In this video, the guy has made his beer and thinks it’s pretty goof for store bought ingredients. It looks murky, shouldn’t beer be nice and clear? Check out his girlfriend at the end who wonders what it actually is. Maybe if they wait the beer will settle and get clear….maybe it tastes ok though…

Russian Home Made Sawmill thumb52
2 weeks ago no Comment

Look at this very cool sawmill made from very few parts by some typical Russian guy. You can probably operate it hammered on vodka too. Think about making one for yourself and cut your own lumber at a fraction of the cost….

Farting Preacher Bowels of Faith thumb13709
3 weeks ago no Comment

Another hilarious video of preacher and total scam artist Robert Tilton with appropriate sound effects added…

19 101 Amazing Historical Photos Volume 2 thumb26088
3 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s an array of 101 fascinating photos that will make you think, wish for the good old days and brings back a real sense of nostalgia. Check out these epic images from times gone by…

Screenshot from 2019 01 21 07 53 44
4 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s an interesting babe who seems to have had her share of plastic surgery. The lips are a little inflated and check out the blown out titties. Is it just me or are her headlights a little out of alignment? Anyway, she has a nice collagen injected smile and would be total fun at a […]

water cannon thumb350
1 month ago no Comment

This short video shows some asshole protesters being leveled and washed away by a water cannon truck. Some retards try to use their shitty shields to stop the blast and take it in the face. The guy using the water cannon is probably having a lot if fun. Just pretend that the crowd is every […]

Living on a Small Sailboat Minimalistic Life on the Water thumb50766
1 month ago no Comment

Maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like to pack it all in and live life on a sailboat. Watch this cool video of a couple who live a minimalistic but rewarding life on their small sailboat surrounded by breathtaking scenery…

Space Shuttle Columbia Falling Star HD thumb8501
2 months ago no Comment

Remember the old Columbia back in 2003? By then, the old ship was a bucket of bolts and one of them fell apart way back in 1986, the Challenger. Would you drive a 1982 Chevette into Space, or even to the grocery store? That poor crew. The thing literally fell apart upon re-rentry into the […]

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