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24 Abandoned North Wilkesboro Speedway thumb12660
1 week ago no Comment

Here is one of the earliest speedways ever built. It was in North Carolina and was one of the earliest NASCAR race tracks. Changing times made the track obsolete and in spite of several attempts to resurrect it, the speedway will likely never be reborn. It sits in a remote area so potential for redevelopment […]

Insane Crane Climb thumb2757
2 weeks ago no Comment

Watch this guy play with death as he climbs this crane and dangles from it like he is immune from gravity. Let’s hope he is still alive these days….

Doctors Inject HIV Into Dying Girl With Amazing Results thumb17446
3 weeks ago no Comment

Meet little Emma with Leukemia. Doctors inject her with the HIV virus and manage to selectively kill cancerous cells. Here is one case where this unorthodox treatment saved her life. Emma now lives as a normal girl and the leukemia has been eliminated from her body…

Mount Everest Into the Death Zone thumb58873
3 weeks ago no Comment

Heartbreaking documentary of Canadian Sharia Shah who dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Making it to the top, she proudly held the Canadian Flag. Sadly, she took too long to get to the summit and after spending almost 27 hours in the Death Zone, she perished. She is gone but at least she realized her dream. […]

Funny Fails Compilation 8 thumb14485
3 weeks ago no Comment

Great assortment of hilarious screw ups by everyday people in the course of their daily adventures. Some epic on the job and heavy equipment disasters too…

Super Redneck Fails 1 thumb16024
4 weeks ago no Comment

Watch how these rednecks mess up at everyday activities, while some go out of their way to mess things up…  

Leave it To Beavers Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow Reflect on the Shows 60 Year Legacy thumb7790
4 weeks ago no Comment

For those that don’t know or remember, Leave It To Beaver was a show that aired 60 years ago in the 1950’s. You need to find some episodes and check it out. This was when America was at its peak. and everything was normal. Families were normal and children treated adults with respect. Social whackos […]

4 weeks ago no Comment

You’ve probably heard of various countries like Sweden, Finland and Canada creating ice hotels. This is a really fucking stupid idea, in the same category as line dancing, karaoke, skydiving, bungee cord jumping, base jumping and other ill shit. Anybody who would pay good money to sleep in a meat locker needs their fucking head […]

METH AMERICA thumb64728
4 weeks ago no Comment

Great documentary on the Meth epidemic in America and its consequences on people’s lives and even their untimely deaths….

Drivers Going Full retard thumb35772
1 month ago no Comment

Compilation of drivers with brain dead approaches to driving and their disastrous results…

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