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How Detroit Went From A Booming Metropolis To A Shrinking City NBC Nightly News thumb63279
3 weeks ago no Comment

Detroit used to be the focal point of America’s industrial revolution. With over 1,600,000 people it was one of the largest cities in the USA. Today, car manufacturing plants are gone, the population is about half of what it was and the city has block after block of abandoned and rotting houses that should be […]

B 25 Bomber Hits Empire State Building 1945 thumb156
3 weeks ago no Comment

Remember when them planes suposedly hit the World Trade Centre Towers in New York on Sept 11th, 2001? Remember how the planes supposedly “melted” into the buildings with no debris to be found? Check out this REAL event where a Mitchell B25 Bomber smacks into the Empire State Building in 1945. A big plane hits […]

Worlds Most Remote Communities thumb17562
3 weeks ago no Comment

Ever thought of packing it in and moving to bum-fuck nowhere? Many remote places have solitude for you but lack some of the amenities that you’d probably start missing, like sluts, drugs and other ill shit. Some of them are totally fucking depressing too, so check these five communities out and think it over first…

Screenshot from 2019 01 23 20 22 42
3 weeks ago no Comment

Bryce Langston visits a family in Melbourne Australia who have built a beautiful Bus Camper home, largely from recycled materials, and it looks pretty cool too…

One in a Million Coincidences thumb4785
3 weeks ago no Comment

Amazing collection of photos depicting million to one coincidences. It will make you ponder the power of real probabilities….

The Ultimate Slingshot Ride Compilation thumb34352
4 weeks ago no Comment

Check out these people losing their minds and shitting their pants on these various sling shot rides. Sometimes when the crappy little rubber bands snap, it’s even funnier….

The Dumb Dad and the Domestic Commercial thumb4894
4 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s a video from 2010 on how men are portrayed as immature, selfish, stupid and incompetent. This is part of a master agenda.  Luke Palandech the narrator of the video, back then asks that men be portrayed in a more positive light, yet men are being portrayed more frequently and aggressively as incompetent boobs and […]

Breaking the Magicians Code Magics Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S01E01 thumb182203
4 weeks ago no Comment

This little known series was breaking new ground in the world of magic. The magician demonstrates a series of amazing tricks and then explains the secrets on how they were accomplished. As you discover many of the tricks and secrets of the magician, you’ll see how illusion and distraction can completely fool you…

Crazy WTF Moments Caught on Camera thumb0
4 weeks ago no Comment

Watch this neat compilation of crazy people in silly and scary situations. See clips from low IQ actions to crazy accidents…  

Wasting IRS Scammers time thumb8309
4 weeks ago no Comment

Ashton Bingham messes around with some IRS scammers, by wasting their time and getting their hopes up that he is actually going to send them some money. Check out the American sounding names of all the IRS scammers who speak with thick East Indian accents. Good times had by all…

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