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How Italians Tell Time thumb1617
1 week ago no Comment

Witty brief skit on how Italians tell time by holding donkey balls. Their accuracy is remarkable!

116 Celebrities with OPEN CASKET Funerals thumb12002
3 weeks ago no Comment

Here are 116 photos of celebrities from around the world who had open casket funerals. Some go way back to Abraham Lincoln and some are more recent.

Black Nascar Driver thumb5653
2 months ago no Comment

This must be an older video because of the quality as well as the fact that the cop get into a physical altercation with the guy. Today he would have just emptied his magazine into the guy immediately and kicked him for good measure. When the guy gets the cop car he drives it like […]

1 Top Ultimate Winter Retarded Drivers Fails thumb141019
2 months ago no Comment

In Russia it looks like most people drive tanked on Vodka. Check out the slow to no reaction times in situations where it looks like they have ample time to avoid an accident. But when you’re loaded the most you can manage is honking your horn and a few swear words. It also looks like […]

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sing Baby its Cold Outside thumb2197
2 months ago no Comment

Here is a great rendition of the classic Christmas song, now considered a “date rape” song by the left SJW’s, sung by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…Merry Christmas

Fords Fight To Remain An American Icon thumb18487
2 months ago no Comment

This is Ford’s 115th year in business. Although they were the only company that didn’t ask Washington for a bailout in 2008, recent years have seen low profits and eroding global sales. On top of that, analysts say that 2016 was the year of the “peak car”. Sales will now decline as other forces replace […]

Keyboard Cat Bento A Tribute thumb19493
2 months ago no Comment

Our beloved keyboard cat passed away earlier this year. Here is a moving tribute to the cute little guy. Try to stomach your way through the scenes with media whore Miley Cyrus and just focus in on the kittie…

How not to use a Ladder Fail Compilation thumb41
2 months ago no Comment

Check out these guys who fuck up royally with ladders. Almost 100 million people die every year in the USA from ladder falls, fortunately none of these accidents were fatal…

Homemade TIN CAN Rocket Stove DIY Rocket Stove Awesome Stove EASY instructions thumb20200
2 months ago no Comment

Rocket stoves are the most efficient design of any wood burning device. The rocket effect delivers maximum heat for cooking with very small amounts of wood. Learn how to make your own cheap rocket stove from a one gallon paint can and some other metal parts…

Hitler is informed about boring facts thumb7105
3 months ago no Comment

Trapped in his bunker, his minions attempt to assassinate him by boring him to death with a shitload of boring and irrelevant facts…

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