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Pablo Escabar Property thumb0
1 week ago no Comment

Remember Pablo Escobar, that happy go lucky drug lord from the 1980’s? He had acquired almost 1000 properties in Columbia, that were used as vacation properties, hideouts, stash houses, safe houses and whore hoses too. Here is one property reviewed by a Hispanic rapper type guy, who even stumbles upon Pablo’s second in command’s limo, […]

9 08 Beach Crash thumb32546
2 weeks ago no Comment

Air Crash Investigations reviews the tragic crash of a Grumman amphibious airplane that departed Miami bound for the Bahamas. Right after takeoff, a wing separates from the plane. The event is caught on a bystander’s camera. The crash was also the end of Chalk Air as a company as well…  

VIDEO Men Ride Horses Into Walmart thumb3861
3 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s a different way of shopping. Ride your fucking horse into Wal Mart and cruise the aisles. You won’t be any more inconvenient than those irritating fat fuckers on the skooters that take up the whole aisle with their asses. This was all in good fun and they didn’t stay long. Of course Wal Mart […]

Sandy Hook HOAX Gene Rosens NONSENSE Analyzed thumb26150
3 weeks ago no Comment

For those that remember and followed Sandy Hook, Gene Rosen is the guy who “rescued” and took in 6 escapees from the school right after the supposed shooting. None of his story makes sense and here is an analysis of his nonsense with footage of him practicing his lines that he eventually fucks up anyway. […]

Horns Work thumb390
3 weeks ago no Comment

If you need people to get out of your way in Russia, just honk your horn, and see what happens….  

Funny Arab Fails Compilation 2 thumb15001
3 weeks ago no Comment

Check out some of the funny antics, stunts and fails by Arabs. They have a great sense of humo r too…  

Turbine Powered Raceboat thumb4462
3 weeks ago no Comment

Listen to the amazing sound of this 4000 horsepower twin turbine powered racing boat called Platinum Perfect…

A Heavy Duty 6 DIY Rocket Stove thumb26104
3 weeks ago no Comment

Make this indestructible heavy duty rocket stove for about $6 Use an old 5 gallon bucket, some PVC pipe and two bags of redi-mix cement and you can cook food on a daily basis or in an emergency…

Seven Secrets to Shredded Abs thumb0
4 weeks ago no Comment

J.P. Sears discusses his shredded abs and his seven secrets to getting shredded abs just like him. He also explains that without shredded abs, your life will be meaningless. Also, you’ll discover that everyday activities are more spiritual and meaningful when you have shredded abs. Without shredded abs, JP says that you’re basically worthless…(Note: This […]

They Are Deceiving You The No Plane Hologram CGI Theory John Lear Judy Wood DISINFO EXPOSED thumb134819
4 weeks ago no Comment

Extensive documentary involving the engineers for truth group, as well as other authorities like John Lear and Judy Wood. Check out this video with an open mind and think about the possibilities that we are being deceived when it comes to the real truth of how 911 was pulled off…

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