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Kelsey Lander thumb0
3 weeks ago no Comment

We’re less than a week away from Chinese New Year! The festival commences on February 5th, so here is super cutie Kelsey Lander modeling her Asian Chinese oriental outfit to get us in the spirit of the Chinese festival. She even has a Chinese parasol. Talk about attention to detail! Yup, Chinese New Year is […]

Bobbitt Speaks 23 Years After Ex Wife Cut Off His Penis MGTOW thumb19219
4 weeks ago no Comment

For those that don’t know or remember, Lorena Bobbitt is the psycho woman who got pissed off with her husband and cut his pecker off with a knife. She then drove away with it and threw it in a ditch somewhere. They retrieved his schlong and reattached it. It worked pretty good after that, so […]

Bad Day at Work 6 thumb14208
1 month ago no Comment

Here’s another compilation of people having a shitty day at work. It’s amazing also, how many people just hate their jobs. Lots of shit jobs in America…

Hitler is informed Himmler did not unclog his toilet 1 thumb6245
1 month ago no Comment

Hitler asks Himmler to unclog his toilet but just flushes it and makes it overflow. Hitler gets enraged and has one of his epic rants…

Plane Lands on Freeway Merges Perfectly 1 thumb4242
1 month ago no Comment

A crippled plane lands on the highway and merges perfectly into traffic and comes to a safe stop. Let’s hope some retard doesn’t rear end them with their shitbox car….

1911 A Trip Through New York City speed corrected w added sound thumb34891
1 month ago no Comment

Very interesting compilation of old films from New York City early in the 1900’s. The compilation has been speed corrected and sound has been added. Fascinating to see the horses on the street, the old buildings and how people dressed up just to go out. Interesting times…

2 months ago no Comment

Mr Hilder, eccentric looking guy with paint on his sweatshirt discusses how he has gained independence as a homesteader. He talks about how to make enough income to survive but doesn’t talk much about health insurance which is needed in the USA. A fucking heart valve replacement is $600,000. So, check out how he makes […]

Screenshot from 2018 12 31 16 38 52
2 months ago no Comment

Youths who commit crimes are often incarcerated just like their adult counterparts. America imprisons more people per capita than any other nation. Might as well imprison our young people too. Putting people in jail in America is as popular as baseball…

Zuzana Drabinova thumb8147
2 months ago no Comment

If you’ve had your fill of Christmas Movies like Elf and White Christmas, here’s a nice video of Russian sensation Zuzana Drabinova, still in her Christmas red outfit….

The Best Titanic Conspiracy Documentary 2012 thumb59529
2 months ago no Comment

This documentary proposes that the Titanic did not actually sink! Their theory involves the fleet of the White Cruise line as well as a bait and switch tactic that sent Titanic’s sister ship to the bottom. Watch this documentary and decide for yourself what you believe really happened….

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