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2 months ago no Comment

They call these things “yachts” but they’re more like plywood bathtubs. It looks like they have fun sailing them but they look a little goofy with the way you have to lie down in them with your head sticking out…They probably cost a fortune like a million dollars a piece as well…

Paul Hill Death Row Interview Complete thumb31477
2 months ago no Comment

This guy was anti-abortion so instead of trying to get the law changed he went to some abortion clinic and popped a couple of doctors there. Here is his last interview before his execution. You can see that he has no fear of death, no regrets and to the last minute felt he was doing […]

1 Serial Killer AE Biography David Berkowitz thumb53001
2 months ago no Comment

This guy was a complete nut job from the 1970’s who thought his neighbor’s dog was telling him to go out and kill people. So off he goes and kills a pile of young people hanging out in parked cars having sex. So instead of getting fucked you get fucked by good ol David who […]

2 months ago no Comment

More fuckups on the news in 2018. It looks like things aren’t getting better and more organized….

PawPaws Easy Homemade Apple Wine thumb14411
2 months ago no Comment

Here’s a delicious wine you can make for about $1 a bottle! Watch Paw Paw simplify the process into three simple ingredients – pure apple juice, sugar and yeast. As an independent empowered black woman, I prefer my wine dry and not too sweet so when I make this wine I use 3/4 a cup […]

Belgian Malinois thumb4196
2 months ago no Comment

This amazing tree climbing dog is little known to most people yet is amongst the most utilitarian dogs out there. They’re popularly used by police, fire and other investigative organizations…

Big Country 3902FL By Heartland RVs at Couchs RV Nation a RV Wholesaler thumb0
2 months ago no Comment

For those interested in RV’s, here is a very cool 5th wheel tour in HD. Check out the latest designs and technology available for those with deep pockets…

Gunman Kills Self After Opening Fire on Florida School Board thumb7351 e1540934124971
4 months ago no Comment

See this poor man so frustrated with the school board that he brings a gun to the meeting but lets most of the hostages go and intentionally misses the board members with his volley of gunfire. He then sadly uses the bullet on himself and commits suicide. I am sure at such a close range […]

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