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Dr Mandell Formula thumb18122
1 month ago no Comment

Here is Dr Mandell’s formula for unclogging arteries fast. Over two thirds of all Americans suffer from some degree of clogged arteries based on our high sugar and generally bad diets. All of the ingredients are easy to get so give it a try and share with your friends….  

Executions in Oppressive Regimes thumb86858
2 months ago no Comment

A very disturbing documentary on a number of evil regimes including the Nazis. This documentary discusses how evil powers dealt with people who were not part of their frightening agendas….  

1 Beautiful Quotes Laws Of Karma thumb2323
2 months ago no Comment

Here are some beautiful quotes when it comes to Karma. Believe…

Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists thumb5153
2 months ago no Comment

Check out Barrow Alaska. A totally depressing place built on piles of dirt. They can’t pave anything because the extreme freezing and thawing cycles crack everything up. It’s cold as fuck, endless days, endless nights and fuck all to do….plan a vacation there some time….the fucking mayor thinks that if they build a pile of […]

2 months ago no Comment

Check out these properties for sale, some as low as $1 without any takers. If you’re a little flexible maybe you can own one of these interesting places….

Only People With a High IQ Will Be Able To Read These Erased Words part 2 1 thumb54371
2 months ago no Comment

Try to recognize all the words at these three challenging levels within the time limit. As an empowered, intelligent and independent black woman I got them all within two seconds…  

Never Do This After a Car Accident thumb15352
2 months ago no Comment

Mechanic legend Scotty Kilmer outlines the things you should and should not do if you are in a car accident. A little preplanning can go a long way….

The Age of Emotional Incontinence thumb4902
2 months ago no Comment

Patrick Joseph Watson reviews our snowflake society where mainly young people are triggered and offended by just about everything. And worse than that, they openly express their childish emotions in public and are encouraged and praised by their peers to act like whining idiots…

Sugar  The Bitter Truth thumb171702
2 months ago no Comment

Everyone should watch this sobering documentary on sugar and how it proliferates just about all our foods. Worse than that, sugar is being replaced by low cost corn fructose syrup that wreaks more damage to our bodies….

Russian Ambulance thumb522
2 months ago no Comment

Ivan has abdominal pains and is taken to the hospital for an examination. But with this kind of help he would have been better off staying home and putting up with the pain…..

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