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The Three Stooges 146 Loose Loot 1953 Shemp Larry Moe thumb72262
2 weeks ago no Comment

One of the later Shemp adventures. The bad guys try to scoop Shemp’s inheritance and mayhem arises….

13 Our Rotary Phone Interview on Fox 32 Chicago thumb19322
4 weeks ago no Comment

Remember the Millennials who couldn’t use a rotary phone last week? These losers are from Chicago and go on TV with the one son’s dad (the two boys were cousins) and talk about how stupid they are. These will be the future adults of our civilization. We’re in trouble… To see the original video of […]

Reactions in Court thumb4638
1 month ago no Comment

Are you having a shitty day? It can’t be as bad as these guys. Check out these people in court and their reactions to sentencing. Anything from being remanded to custody, life imprisonment and up to the death sentence….

Greatest Card Trick Ever thumb22
2 months ago no Comment

A street magician defies all with his playing cards on the sidewalk. The spectators are left dumbfounded. Try to figure out how he did it….

SJW harasses college students enjoying Cinco de Mayo thumb0
2 months ago no Comment

Student wears a poncho on Cinco de Mayo and gets attacked by a loud mouthed obnoxious SJW. Just listening to her will give you a headache and there’s no reasoning with her, as she sees her self as the authority and police of cultural appropriation. The guys try to reason with her to no avail. […]

1 10 Actors Whose Careers Died After Leaving Their Hit Show thumb36753
2 months ago no Comment

Remember these actors? Once the shows that made them tanked, they vanished off the face of the earth. Here’s a video to let us remember these long forgotten people…

2 months ago no Comment

We all have those irritating people in our live, basically crazy, with nervous twitches and other things you’d wish they’d stop doing. Now you have an answer! Give them a fucking lobotomy. It’s easy, remember Jeffrey Dahmer? That serial killer party animal used to give his victims lobotomies and you can too. Check out how […]

andrew jackson 3
2 months ago no Comment

A great documentary on one of the greatest of our presidents, soon to be taken off of the $20 bill, because some people think he was a prick. Watch this documentary and see how this man of men saved America from falling to the British in New Orleans. America may not exist today if it […]

Before After Pics That Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking thumb152
3 months ago no Comment

Check out this collection of comparison pictures of people who quit drinking. There’s no doubt they feel better and many of them have lost weight so good for them. Note that in most of the pictures they are frowning in the before picture and smiling in the after pictures much like the before and after […]

Screenshot from 2018 11 14 16 07 29 e1542229705511
3 months ago no Comment

More TV Evangelist nonsense where these hucksters offer a prayer hanky for people’s hard earned money. Hankies, snake oil or other bullshit ensures that they suck in the poor and desperate, promising them solutions to all their life issues…

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