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Air Crash Investigation Death In The Arctic S14E10 thumb197785
2 weeks ago no Comment

Horrific crash of a Boeing 737 that crashed near Resolute Bay on its final approach. Pilot error, bad decisions and weather all played a role in this disaster. Miraculously a handful of people survived…  

Day at the Beach thumb944
2 weeks ago no Comment

CAUTION – POTENTIAL EYE DAMAGE. Here’s a casual day at the beach in some weird European country. Run away…

Top 200 Highlights of Animals VERY FUNNY ANIMALS thumb66876
3 weeks ago no Comment

This guy takes requests from people to fix their photos with Photoshop and totally screws them up in many hilarious ways. Check out his twisted sense of humor in this collection of photos…  

911 Documentary Core of Corruption 2009.FULL LENGTH YouTube thumb2215
2 months ago no Comment

Here are the top 20 crimes that to this day have never been positively solved. It’s rumored that DB Cooper who famously hijacked the 727 recently passed away and confessed to the crime though….

Instant Karma Instant Justice Compilation 5 thumb15103
2 months ago no Comment

Compilation of crazy people on the road who act like assholes and get a dose of justice and instant karma….

Fort Myers Colonial Walmart Fight Ft Myers Fights New 2018 thumb1977
2 months ago no Comment

Just another day in your neighborhood Wal Mart, where customers encounter one another….  

Fake Book Covers on the Subway PART TWO thumb6982
2 months ago no Comment

Here’s a hilarious prank where people ride the subway with realistic looking but fake book covers. The reaction of the people who read the covers is priceless…

Roller coaster death compilation woman falls from amusement park ride compilation thumb49527
2 months ago no Comment

Check out these accidents at various amusement parks around the world before you go on another ride…

Abandoned The Colony Beach Tennis Resort thumb24122
2 months ago no Comment

This is the sad story of one of the most popular resorts that fell on bad times through bad management, bureaucracy¬† and infighting. Someday new investors may create something new on this prime space, but for now it remains a wasteland…

2 months ago no Comment

Those German hobbyists keep making these models bigger and bigger. Now they’ve made a four engine 747 jet that’s now the biggest in the world in the RC class. Soon they will make a drone that will carry one of these guys aloft….

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