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Ice Sculpture Disaster thumb3455
1 week ago no Comment

Thousands of hours of work went into creating this massive and magnificent ice sculpture. However when the final supports are removed, physics and gravity had the final say…

Asian Skooter Crashes 2 thumb25115
2 weeks ago no Comment

Mostly Asian skooters. Watch the crashes and pileups of these seemingly safe modes of transportation. Luckily most end in a few bruises and scrapes. Yet, we wonder how they can be sooooo bad at driving these little vehicles…..

Funny Signs 2 thumb6182
2 weeks ago no Comment

More hilarious signs from around the world. What were they thinking?

Worlds Largest Zipline thumb9332
3 weeks ago no Comment

This crazy zip line in Panama City is the world’s largest and is tethered to a high rise building. It’s so high, zipliners travel down and then parachute to the ground. This takes nerves of steel….

Life in a Magical Gypsy Vardo Style Caravan thumb80659
3 weeks ago no Comment

Small home legend Bryce Langston interviews chubster Frenchy and her life in a Gypsy Caravan. She matches the funky look and lifestyle of the caravan too. She even has a tattoo on her titties. She drinks tea and off camera probably gets into all sorts of ill shit in that little thing. Only the walls […]

3 weeks ago no Comment

More Arab crazies pushing their vehicles and themselves to the limit. Check out the guys riding their SUV on two wheels for miles, as well as the interior dash cam videos….

Crazy Russian Life thumb673
3 weeks ago no Comment

Compilation of zany Russians in everyday life doing shit that you probably won’t see in America….

Washing Machine Carnage thumb4475
3 weeks ago no Comment

Aussie guy shorts out the safety balance switch on a front end loader washer and watches it destroy itself as he adds all sorts of ill shit into it…

Pipistrel Taurus Self Launch Glider A closer look thumb39757
1 month ago no Comment

Check out this very cool glider with its own engine for self-launching. You get the best of all worlds, a flying airplane combined with an efficient glider. The motor pops up for takeoff and flying upwards then folds away for gliding. You can even get it with an electric motor! What a cool aircraft…

Teenage Heroin Epidemic 1 thumb152883
1 month ago no Comment

Ever wonder why so many young people appear totally fucked up?  Maybe they’re on heroine. That can be a pretty good excuse and explanation for some of them. Check out this British documentary on some poor souls hooked on heroine and going pretty much nowhere, except maybe the grave…

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