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Cat Vs Snake 1 thumb1426
2 weeks ago no Comment

Unpredictable encounter between a typical house cat and a snake. The snake is fast, but it turns out, cats are faster…  

Ten resons Not to do A DNA Test thumb26603
3 weeks ago no Comment

People are paying good money to get their DNA tested only to get back some bogus report that says that they’re 1% Mongolian. Who gives a fuck. However, once you surrender your DNA to these websites they become open domain and the police and authorities can tap into this information easily. It’s worse than surrendering […]

Ship Flexes in Severe Weather thumb4761
1 month ago no Comment

Check out this large container ship in extremely bad weather and rough seas. Watch how the various sections of the ship notably flex in this situation. Like an airplane wing, the ship needs to flex under rough conditions or it would break apart. But the crew members seeing this probably shit their pants…

Epic Wingsuit Flight thumb14780
1 month ago no Comment

Very cool wingsuit flight with impressive camera work. At one point some other dude locks his feet into the wingsuit guy’s parachute harness and they fly together. Although impressive for some reason it looks kinda gay though…

VANNY The Ultimate Camper Van Build and Tour thumb0
1 month ago no Comment

Check out this guy’s original van build from a 1997 Safari van to his home on wheels. More and more people are freeing themselves of the mortgage trap and living alternative ways. Van conversions are becoming more and more popular as a way of living…

dark side of porn C thumb220232
2 months ago no Comment

Selected episode in this brief British series that portrays an average woman who needs a career change and gets into porno. She quits her job and tells her husband about her new job and tries out a few porno films, but won’t take it in the ass so her employment prospects were limited from the […]

Check Out The Special Feature On My Shotgun thumb4660
2 months ago no Comment

Certified retard displays his brand new shotgun and all its features on camera…

Prison Documentary Full Length HD 2017 Documentaries HQ New Best Quality High Definition thumb121608
2 months ago no Comment

This large prison is holding inmates who are awaiting trial with an array of various crimes, mostly drug related. An interesting view that shows how hard it is to get out of this place….

The Smallest Boeing 747 Versions In The World thumb18086
2 months ago no Comment

We’re all used to seeing the super stretched 747’s in the western world but out there in some countries they order shorter planes to suit their needs. They look like huge Tonka toys…

TRAIN CRASH Compilation 1 Trains vs Cars Trains vs Trucks thumb41443
2 months ago no Comment

Here’s a collection of more trains colliding with cars and trucks where the train always wins….

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