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slow motion titties thumb916
2 weeks ago no Comment

Here you go. Waste a little time admiring this babe as she bounces her way down the road….

3 weeks ago no Comment

Enjoy Rachel brushing her teeth and then a bit of lotion to keep her nice and soft….

Health benefits of Turmeric Tea and How to make it thumb9170
3 weeks ago no Comment

Fairly nice looking lady shows us how to make Tumeric tea. Tumeric has many healing properties and can be consumed daily for better health, circulation and well-being…  

Screenshot from 2019 01 16 10 34 10
1 month ago no Comment

Great detailed documentary that reveals flaws in control hydraulics, fuel tanks and collision systems. Includes insight into TWA 800.

Sandy Hook Hoax Explained in 20 Minutes thumb93402
1 month ago no Comment

Remember the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 just before Christmas? Apparently 20 kids and 6 adults were shot by some 90 pound gunman nobody ever heard of. Here’s a quick explanation of what conspiracy theorists believe is a hoax to further gun control… ]  

Revolving Door Retards thumb571
2 months ago no Comment

Some dumbasses play with a revolving door like they were four years old and one of them gets what’s coming…

homemade weedeater 12v mini generator thumb6732
2 months ago no Comment

Some Frenchman with more time on his hands than most builds a little generator out of a weedeater. By the time he gets all the part and puts it together he could buy a little proper generator with respectable output at Harbour Freight, and it would be a quieter and cleaner four cycle. Just what […]

hard hat safety thumb1239
2 months ago no Comment

The one guy who keeps his hard hat on gets clobbered and is the only one injured. OK maybe the accident would have been a lot worse if he wasn’t wearing his hard hat. Hopefully he’ll come around and wake up in time of the after work beerfest….

Chinese Firecracker Fun thumb602
2 months ago no Comment

Most westerners don’t know this but the Chinese save the best firecrackers for themselves and ship us the weak ones. They use the strong ones for fun and usually light them on top of a sewer, where Chinese shit (it’s all the oil and soy sauce) builds up massive amounts of methane. Good fun for […]

Invincible Asian Kid thumb1968
2 months ago no Comment

Some kids in China are Terminator types. This kid takes a serious fall out of a building, bounces off a car and casually walks away….

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