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Cat Vs Snake 2 thumb13032
2 weeks ago no Comment

OK, still more battles between cat and snake. It looks like cats share a common strategy to conquer snakes – grab them by the head as the snake retracts from an attack….

20 Best of Red Bull SoapBox Race Denmark thumb47684
2 weeks ago no Comment

More hilarious misgivings from this derby in Denmark. Most of the failures happen when the soap boxes fly over the ramp and destroy their wheels. Funny costumes and antics make this indeed a fun event to watch or attend in person…

Crazy Asian Vegetable Stand thumb33
3 weeks ago no Comment

The local train passes by a few times a day where these vendors have set up their stalls. As the train goes by, they lift their awnings until they train passes by. They also position their wares just perfectly so the train passes without hitting them. They probably get a pile of grease and dirt […]

Needs gas in a Hurry thumb4538
4 weeks ago no Comment

Although there’s a smallĀ  but orderly line up for gas, this guy is in a real hurry. He’s in such a rush he pops open his hood as he comes in, probably to check the oil too…

Christmas Gift Pranks thumb46627
1 month ago no Comment

Check out these twisted parents who raise a bunch of spoiled snowflakes then prank them with shitty gifts. Then watch what the snowflake kids do best – whine and complain. They’re practicing for their adult life of being offended by everything, attacking conservatives and protesting in the streets as a career profession. Hilarious…

Red neck weather man thumb1644
1 month ago no Comment

Catfish Cooley delivers a scientific and detailed weather report prior to the approach of a hurricane in the southern USA…

1 month ago no Comment

Do you have employees that seem brain dead all the time? How about fucking a woman who is so unexcited about sleeping with you that you think she might be dead? Or maybe it’s a serious issue where old uncle Bob is really on the ropes. Here are ten signs that may indicate that death […]

Most Insane Jump Ever.mp4 thumb4861
1 month ago no Comment

No question, this guy has balls. Check out this insane jump down an Olympic ski jump. The camera work is awesome too…    

Another Performance Art Pile Of Shit 1 thumb7602
2 months ago no Comment

There are more of these performance art pieces of shit out there than you can imagine. These women create this “performance” of dancing with toilets naked. What the fuck. These women are nutcases but the people that are wasting their time watching this tripe are even more insane…

Blonde Hottie Christmas thumb9941
2 months ago no Comment

Here’s a great video of a really cute blonde hottie who will help you get into the Christmas spirit…..

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