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22 MYSTERIOUS Abandoned Ships thumb19405
1 week ago no Comment

Here are five scary ships that were abandoned in creepy and mysterious ways. Many are beached and remain where they died for exploration…

American Justice Death Penalty thumb343751
3 weeks ago no Comment

A classic American Justice episode with Bill Curtis who reviews various people facing the death penalty among different institutions and systems…

Busty Chubster Remix 2019 thumb19150
4 weeks ago no Comment

OK, based on popular demand by our members, we’ve done a remix with our Busty Chubster from Christmas 2018 with contemporary sexy jazz music that you can enjoy all year round! Here’s our cutie once again…

speeding like a boss thumb3260
1 month ago no Comment

When most people speed and come upon a police car they slow down and hope they aren’t caught by the cop. Not this guy. He plows into the back of the car and just pushes the cop out of the way, mangles the shit out of the cop car and progresses on his merry way […]

2 5 Most Stunning Abandoned Mansions Millionaires thumb13192
1 month ago no Comment

Kyle McGran gives us a great tour of five mansions with complicated histories and events, with a great narrative. Well researched by him, most are either totally ruined or had been burned to the ground…  

1 873 Inside A CHRISTMAS STORY House Museum Jordan The Lion Daily Travel Vlog 12 27 2018 thumb45951
1 month ago no Comment

Youtuber Jordan the Lion sets out for Cleveland and gives us a great tour of the museum there set up after the production of the Christmas movie: A Christmas Story. For those that love the movie and just watched it over the holidays, check out the tour that spans several buildings including the original house […]

Homestead Outlaws Living Off Grid In America thumb42015
2 months ago no Comment

American Homestead presents the bureaucracy of living off grid and how many municipalities are now banning living independently. Rain catchment as well as solar systems are now being challenged and many people are prohibited to live as independent homesteaders without relying on the infrastructure…  

1 Top Ultimate Winter Retarded Drivers Fails 1 thumb141019
2 months ago no Comment

Still more road encounters that end badly. learn all about Russian profanity too…

1 Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap thumb20610
2 months ago no Comment

This brilliant guy is an engineer and with some ingenuity produces a self triggering glitter bomb complete with stink spray for those asshole thieves who have the nerve to steal packages left on your doorstep….

Documentary Megastructures Largest Ship in the world National Geographic Documentary thumb68061
2 months ago no Comment

National Geographic has created this great documentary on these megaships with thousands of containers that move the goods we buy around the world. Like floating cities they have their own utilities and amenities for the crews….

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