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Russian Road Rage thumb1168
2 weeks ago no Comment

Looks like someone cut Igor off. He needs to impress Natasha how macho he is so he starts with a hatchet and escalates to his trusty handgun. Then he runs the Russian red light as he makes his departure. Good times in Russia. Piotre in the other car needs a new tire and radiator…

Air Crash Investigation Sideswiped S14E04 thumb66917
3 weeks ago no Comment

Tragic flight in a Boeing 737 COPA Flight 201, where the pilots engage a faulty gyroscope in the cockpit. This leads to total disorientation in the dark, and both pilots eventually lose control of the plane. This puts them in such an extreme dive that the plane literally disintegrates in mid air as it plummets […]

Wu Yongning Daredevil Stunts Part 1 Breath Taking HD Compilation thumb281
1 month ago no Comment

Here is the Chinese version of Russian stunt man Mustang Wanted. Here are some of his best stunts before his recent unfortunate death during a building climb that went wrong for the poor guy…

Shot my Girlfriend everyday with a Nerf Gun thumb2311
1 month ago no Comment

This guy shoots his girlfriend with a nerf gun for a week. What a moron. You know this guy isn’t going to get laid for a long time and she’s probably left him by now anyway. She looks like a cutie but not too smart. She gets shot under the same circumstances over and over […]

1 month ago no Comment

A bunch of young nerdy looking women with vaginas have somehow convinced themselves that they identify as women, men or something else. Part of the video features Lauren Southern matching wits with these modern inventions. They have no hope of getting a job, they’ll just make too much trouble…

zuzana drabinova stockings thumb9180
1 month ago no Comment

Beautiful Zuzana lounges around on the sofa in her stockings looking perfect for our enjoyment….  

Car crash compilation Falling Out of Cars thumb16835
2 months ago no Comment

There must be a lot of vodka involved in this sport. Check out how many kids happen to fall out of cars in Russia for no reason either…

Historic Ultralight Documentary thumb23417
2 months ago no Comment

Here is an old documentary about ultralights from the 1980’s. Ultralights were at their height of popularity at that time because they were cheap. They were sort of like flying barbecues. Then there were piles of crashes and flyers bought the farm. They have something like a 6% crash rate. Today, they’re expensive and still […]

Mall Meltown thumb3603
2 months ago no Comment

Crazy guy goes apeshit when he discovers that the doors to The Toronto Eaton Center in Toronto Canada is closed. Looks like Canada also has its share of nutcases too. Check out the entertaining teens mocking the guy in the background….

Unicycle on huge chimney in Targu Jiu thumb0
3 months ago no Comment

The Romanian chimney climber is back on top of an 800 foot chimney with his buddy (no girlfriend this time…) riding a unicycle and wheel walking on the rim of this chimney. He also walks across the mouth of the chimney on top of the pulley beams at the top. This guy really has balls…

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