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Blonde Drunk Driving in Asia thumb2537
1 week ago no Comment

Here is a totally clued out blonde who has no clue what she is doing at this busy intersection. This could be the start of a new comedy series…

Breaking the Magicians Code Magics Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S01E02 thumb177193
2 weeks ago no Comment

Another episode where the secret magician demonstrates a number of tricks and then explains how they were done. There’s no need to wonder as each trick is revealed….

19 Unseen footage of Japan tsunami released thumb3655
3 weeks ago no Comment

Witness the terrible devastation of the most recent Japanese Tsunami. Check out the airport footage where many expensive airplanes are destroyed by the raging water. Maybe it’s not such a goiod idea to build an airport in Tsunami prone areas….

12 Red Bull Soap Box Car Race Bergen 2013 thumb1157
3 weeks ago no Comment

Hilarious footage of one of their world wide soap box derbies. The cars, costumes and antics have taken a traditional boy’s hobby to a whole new level…

11 Look Inside 100000 House. What you will Get with that Money in Russia 1 1 thumb14797
3 weeks ago no Comment

Nice Russian lady takes us for a tour of newly built houses in Russia. For $100,000 all you get is the shell, and then you need to finish it yourself. They are made of solid brick, really shitty design for the cold Russian climate. Then you need to insulate the shit out of it. Also […]

Screenshot from 2019 01 24 20 32 53
3 weeks ago no Comment

Here’s an assortment of old time inventions from flying machines to car-like things as well as boats. It’s incredible what people could put together with stuff they found around the house plus a few store bought materials…

2 Super Dave CN Tower jump thumb6390
1 month ago no Comment

Beloved Super Dave aka Bob Einstein who recently passed away made us laugh in the 1980’s with his stunts gone wrong on every show. Here, he falls off of the CN Tower in Toronto, which at the time was the world’s largest free standing structure. They producers would have needed permission from the CN tower […]

History Documentary The Most Amazing Lost Places On Earth Ever thumb69766
1 month ago no Comment

Fascinating documentary on lost places and civilizations from ancient times. The people may be long gone but memories of their existence endure in these prevailing structures and ruins…

Wheel of Fortune Screw Ups thumb97632
1 month ago no Comment

Check out these people on The Wheel of Fortune TV show who screw up royally on camera….

2 Super Dave Storybookland thumb14340
1 month ago no Comment

Here’s one of the funniest skits by Super Dave who was played by Robert Einstein from 1987 to 1991. Sadly, Robert Einstein has passed away yet his unique design of comedy will live with us forever through his Super Dave stunt insanity. Some of his skits represented some real hilarious stunt man comedy…

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