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just out of jail what else can I tell you? mu seventh stay in prison... fuck you just out of jail what else can I tell you? mu seventh stay in prison...
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Interesting documentary on how we define the moment of death and the procedures around it. This documentary also questions euthanasia and if we have the right to end a someone’s life who is brain dead but still reflexive in their behavior…

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Watch the challenges of getting this massive yacht to the water and successfully launching it. Note the aft floats as they ease her into the water to compensate for the dreaded roll some boats face upon launching if they are not balanced properly from port to starboard. Chausseur turns out to be a beautiful and […]

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Here are some old commercials that tight-assed liberals would be offended by and whine and complain about today. Interesting to watch and yes, there used to be a shitload of cigarette commercials on TV. Fuck, even the Flintstones smoked in those days. Today they’d be in jail for smoking in their backyard…

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More hilarious situations that cats get into and their reactions…

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Air Crash Investigations documents the handful of collisions that have taken place in aviation history. The documentary includes the Tenerif collision that remains as the worst disaster in aviation history. These unfortunate events are unsurvivable…

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Some Hispanic guy with a bad microphone explains how to paint a room quickly and what he says makes a lot of sense if you can make out what he’s saying. Let’s hope he gets a better microphone after he is paid for this paint job….

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Maxim Bady discovers this girl who goes on Facebook to discuss her problem. She says she is coping with her addiction and only did it twice today so she’s really cutting back. However she doesn’t want to be judged and tells us to stop judging her and that she’s cut back but probably won’t stop […]

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Paul Joseph Watson presents this total whacko who claims to be a dog. Prepare for more and more nutcases surfacing with all sorts of fucked up ways to identify themselves….what the fuck….really So this person originally was a woman (small tits?) and then identifies as a man who identifies as a dog…..Just shoot me….

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Hilarious video where a Fiat 500 comes with its own Italian Family…

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Spectacular POV video of some totally awesome skateboarding, as long as you stay on the road…

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