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Interesting array of foods that can help with bllod pressure and heart attack risks. Everyone should consult their physician before embarking on dietary programs and stay on their medications…

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Apparently, hundreds of people die every year in the USA falling out of trees. Some are professional tree specialists and others are just looking for trouble. Even more people die from branches and objects like coconuts falling from trees and hitting them on the ground. Finally, many people are killed from trees falling over and […]

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Damon Vrabel reveals the truth about how currency works and some of the myths that most of assume are true. Damon also explains the structure and role of the Federal reserve in the USA and how essentially a private corporation issues and controls the people’s money…

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You don’t need to spend a small fortune at the amusement park to go on a very high speed merry-go-round. Just get your buddies to fasten a couple of oxide bottles to an old swivel chair and you’re in business.

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