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Compilation of drivers with brain dead approaches to driving and their disastrous results…

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After everyone has tacos in the bunker, the flatulence is non-stop and it’s driving Hitler fucking crazy…

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Check out this guy who does a 21 day water fast. With his weird sense of humor, he talks about how it went, the good and bad things and what he would do differently. Watch this guy and decide if a water fast is something you would consider….

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Here’s another well meaning guy with a helicopter with all the wrong elements. One nice thing though. He may not have built a working helicopter but he’s created the ultimate dust generator known to man…

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More people in bad situations getting messed up and royally fucking up…

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This girl can’t even take a shower without stopping for a text message…how dysfunctional are these millennials getting?

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A USAF Hercules C1430 successfully takes and makes a couple of sharp turns before getting into an uncontrollable dive and crashes into the ground…  

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Interesting documentary on the moon landings and those that point out the impossibilities of vacuum space, logistics and even handling the camera on the moon. Bullshit artists try to refute these arguments but do a poor job at convincing the skeptics…

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Here’s some solid insight by Jonathan Haidt into how this generation of Millennials and those that follow have become a bunch of losers because of their loser diaper-sniffing obsessive parents…

2 months ago no Comment

Here’s a recent documentary on the KKK with in depth interviews with their current Imperial Wizard, who drives a delivery truck when he’s not running the KKK. This documentary tries to portray the KKK as a pile of losers who run around in their retarded looking ghost outfits, and does a good job of it. […]

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