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A little future soyboy encounters a little goat who rams him in the pecker, traumatizing him forever. He’ll be able to use this experience as an excuse for every future failure he encounters…

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Here’s cute Hailey stripping at the office. What a great place to work! Because it is a work video, you can watch it on the job. So if your boss comes to your cubicle and catches you watching Hailey strip, tell her to go fuck herself, it’s a WORK video…

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Check out some of the funny antics, stunts and fails by Arabs. They have a great sense of humo r too…  

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Amazing collection of photos depicting million to one coincidences. It will make you ponder the power of real probabilities….

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They say that the victors of way write the history books. We’ve all seen countless movies and read piles of books on World War 2, but always from the perspective of the victors. This fascinating documentary discusses and reveals what the war was like for the German people…

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Hovercrafts were popular in the 1970’s and into the 1990’s until high operating costs killed most of the hovercraft services around the world. These crafts offered the convenience of boat travel over short distances like ferry routes but at a much faster rate. Escalating fuel costs and ticket prices generated a drop in ticket sales […]

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Here are ten planes with terrible crash records. Fortunately, many of them come from earlier days of aviation and are no longer in service. Some like the MD-11 and DC-10 are still around but largely relegated to cargo service only. Today’s modern planes have much better safety records…

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Good old Ed Gein was your typical reclusive farmer next door. He kept to himself and was a pretty regular kind of guy. Except when he mummified his dead mother so he could talk to her after her death (and maybe do other things to her…). He liked murdering local women and making masks out […]

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Great assortment of hilarious screw ups by everyday people in the course of their daily adventures. Some epic on the job and heavy equipment disasters too…

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Listen to the amazing sound of this 4000 horsepower twin turbine powered racing boat called Platinum Perfect…

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