What the Fuck32 Videos

The Age of Emotional Incontinence

Patrick Joseph Watson reviews our snowflake society where mainly young people are triggered and offended by just about everything. And worse than that, they openly express their childish emotions in public and are encouraged and praised by their peers to act like whining idiots…

World’s Fattest Man

This poor fucker is over 1000 pounds! He’s just a gross blob of meat rolling around his over-sized bed. There’s no way he can find his pecker. His mother mortgaged the house so she can buy the food to stuff his face with. This guy is super-addicted to food and needs full time staff paid […]

Grape Fruit Love Making Technique

Maxim Bady reviews this woman’s explanation of using a grapefruit in the bedroom. In the video, she’s wearing a lavalier lapel microphone so when she does her demonstration the sound she makes is not of this world. Bady cracks up over the sound she makes and vows to steer clear of this sex demon….

People of Wal Mart

This pictorial video depicts some of the weirdest people that shop at Wal Mart. It’s surprising to just see them out in public. Many of these pictures must be taken during a local aging queen trannie conference where the participants pop out for a bit of shopping before trannie workshops and lectures…

The College Conspiracy (1 Hr)

Here is a full length documentary about what a racket the college business has become. Poor students are going into debt for life for worthless degrees and are being literally dumbed down and programmed by the government. Watch this full length video and understand the corruption and money involved in the present day college scam… […]

Visiting the Coldest Town on the Planet

Next time you complain about the cold winter in your neck of the woods, go back again and watch this video. Typical winter temperatures are 55 to 60 below and they won’t shut down the school in this small town unless it gets colder than 55. This place is colder than a whore’s heart. Watch […]

Girl With a Crazy Problem

Maxim Bady discovers this girl who goes on Facebook to discuss her problem. She says she is coping with her addiction and only did it twice today so she’s really cutting back. However she doesn’t want to be judged and tells us to stop judging her and that she’s cut back but probably won’t stop […]

Little Kid Steals the Show

Here’s a kid who hams it up on the weather show. You can see the adult weather guy getting progressively more irritated by the kid but remains a professional. More important than anything is this kid’s latent gayness and his destiny to come out of the closet after the show…

Meet the Gay Transsexual Dragon Lady

Jesus Christ. Where to start. Gay guy is vice president of a bank in the USA, presumably packs away a lot of money. Gays along until he gets aids. Probably doesn’t work again but wants to become a lady and a lizard thing. So he spends thousands to look like a female[?] reptile. What a […]