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Genderfluid Cringe Compliation

Listen to what comes out of their mouths and you decide what the hell is going on here. Where are these young people going to get jobs in the future? Interesting appearance and debate by Lauren Southern near the end of the video…

WTF Head on Collision

So Trevor can’t make the payments on his jeep and he’s really worried that he’s going to fuck up his credit rating. No problemo. Just destroy the jeep in an accident, collect the insurance and start over…

Crazy Asian Vegetable Stand

The local train passes by a few times a day where these vendors have set up their stalls. As the train goes by, they lift their awnings until they train passes by. They also position their wares just perfectly so the train passes without hitting them. They probably get a pile of grease and dirt […]

Man Gets Pregnant

As a strong, independent and empowered black woman even this story messed me up. OK, so this woman takes testosterone hormones and starts looking like a man. Has a beard, ball cap and guy’s checkered shirt. We’ll call him Mountain Mike. Mountain Mike still has a vagina and hasn’t had “bottom surgery” yet. Mountain Mike […]

Gene Rosen and his Sandy Hook Nonsense

For those that remember and followed Sandy Hook, Gene Rosen is the guy who “rescued” and took in 6 escapees from the school right after the supposed shooting. None of his story makes sense and here is an analysis of his nonsense with footage of him practicing his lines that he eventually fucks up anyway. […]

A Look Inside a $100,000 Russian House

Nice Russian lady takes us for a tour of newly built houses in Russia. For $100,000 all you get is the shell, and then you need to finish it yourself. They are made of solid brick, really shitty design for the cold Russian climate. Then you need to insulate the shit out of it. Also […]

Lorena Bobbitt Speaks

For those that don’t know or remember, Lorena Bobbitt is the psycho woman who got pissed off with her husband and cut his pecker off with a knife. She then drove away with it and threw it in a ditch somewhere. They retrieved his schlong and reattached it. It worked pretty good after that, so […]

North Korea – Good Times

Here is a rarely seen look at that black hole we call North Korea. You can actually go there as a tourist or journalist and check the place out. Of course you risk going to jail and being executed at any moment, and you always need a government official who will “manage” where you go […]

Guy From the Future Horseshit Videos

There are a pile of videos surfacing on the Internet of guys supposedly coming to us from the future. All of them show some guy with his face blurred out and usually his voice disguised. The short term objective of course is clickbait. To sucker you into watching this garbage to build site traffic and […]