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Chinese Ace Driver

OK, let’s admit that most Chinese drivers have garnered a reputation of being less than average drivers. But THIS guy, he aces it with parallel parking and secures the Guinness record for parking….

Home Made Russian Saw Mill

Look at this very cool sawmill made from very few parts by some typical Russian guy. You can probably operate it hammered on vodka too. Think about making one for yourself and cut your own lumber at a fraction of the cost….

Life in a Vardo Gypsy Caravan

Small home legend Bryce Langston interviews chubster Frenchy and her life in a Gypsy Caravan. She matches the funky look and lifestyle of the caravan too. She even has a tattoo on her titties. She drinks tea and off camera probably gets into all sorts of ill shit in that little thing. Only the walls […]

Amazing 747 Landing and Takeoff at St Maartens

St Maartens offers the perfect view of large jet landings and takeoffs. Not only is it close up and personal, people get blasted by the jet engines on takeoff as they watch. Check out how the planes need to ascend quickly on takeoff to avoid the mountains at the end of the runway….