Very Cool115 Videos

Home Made Saw Mill

Saw mills are difficult to make but this one performs well and seems to keep cutting beautiful boards without getting prematurely dull like most home made rigs do….

Cool Effects for VLC That You May Not Know

VLC is the world’s largest open source video and audio player. Here are 15 great options and effects that VLC offers that most people are not aware of. Check them out and enhance your VLC experience… You can download VLC for virtually any operating system including Android phones at:

Plywood Electric Boat

Here’s a very cool tiny electric boat that runs on a trolling motor and goes forever on a single deep cycle battery. This guy can see the sites in the harbor and have a lot of fun, even have lunch. Just ignore the goofy captain’s hat he is wearing – a nice ball cap would […]

Remembering Keyboard Cat

Our beloved keyboard cat passed away earlier this year. Here is a moving tribute to the cute little guy. Try to stomach your way through the scenes with media whore Miley Cyrus and just focus in on the kittie…

Very Cool Tiny House

Bryce Langston visits a shop in Chatenooga tennesee to witness the full construction of a very compact tiny house on a trailer, that was custom designed for one of their clients. This design offers great utility and mobility for the future owners…

Baja Boss Amazing Sound

One of the coolest single engine power boats is the Baja Boss. Listen to the awesome sound as this over tanned middle aged guy powers up his boat with four women on board. Let’s hope after all his trouble and gas expenses that he gets to fuck at least a couple of them…

Amazing 3d Printed castle

A contractor builds a massive 3d printer that uses concrete instead of plastic and then designs and prints out a castle playhouse for his daughter. This incredible device can be scamed up and eventually print even larger structures like cottages and houses. A Chinese company is developing one but the shape is still a simple […]

Fake Rolls Royce Built by some Russian Guy

So this creative Russian guy with Asian features takes a Mercedes and puts his own home made Rolls Royce body onto the chassis and comes across with a fairly credible Rolls Royce Phantom. Quite the project and accomplishment for a guy working in a run down garage buried in the snow. Seems like the locals […]

Ten Amazing Machines

Here’s a collection of ten machines that reflect real ingenuity and creativity. These machines solve simple tasks like shaking fuit out of trees to complex replacement of entire railway systems…

I Can’t Believe You Made It

A great portrayal of how we were in older times. The simplicity, safety and sense of previous generations without the crybaby snowflakes, everyone getting offended, and all the other bullshit we put up with today….

Mustang Wanted Compilation

An array of crazy videos of this Russian Guy who calls himself Mustang Wanted. He climbs just about everything making you sick just watching him. The guy is still alive but about a dozen followers who have attempted to copy his stunts in Russia have fallen to their deaths….

Mr Bean’s Funeral Episode

Mr Bean comes back in 2015 to redo some of his classic material that made Rowan Atkinson a comic legend in the 1990’s. Here, he attends a funeral and look for the selfie he takes with his smart phone – a device that didn’t exist during the original Mr Bean era. Dressed in his classic […]