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World’s Fattest Man

This poor fucker is over 1000 pounds! He’s just a gross blob of meat rolling around his over-sized bed. There’s no way he can find his pecker. His mother mortgaged the house so she can buy the food to stuff his face with. This guy is super-addicted to food and needs full time staff paid […]

The Shinkansen Super Train

Remarkably this high speed train was built in Japan in the 1960’s as a post war effort to bring people together between large cities. Few high speed trains surpass the speed, efficiency and long term profitability of this concept. After it’s inception, Japan went to to multiply it’s number of tracks and trains by a […]

Mr Bean’s Funeral Episode

Mr Bean comes back in 2015 to redo some of his classic material that made Rowan Atkinson a comic legend in the 1990’s. Here, he attends a funeral and look for the selfie he takes with his smart phone – a device that didn’t exist during the original Mr Bean era. Dressed in his classic […]

The College Conspiracy (1 Hr)

Here is a full length documentary about what a racket the college business has become. Poor students are going into debt for life for worthless degrees and are being literally dumbed down and programmed by the government. Watch this full length video and understand the corruption and money involved in the present day college scam… […]

Tree Hugging at a new Level

This drugged out girl falls in love with a tree and partially strips while she is hugging and kissing this tree, while onlookers watch on in amazement. Not sure what she is on, my guess is Fentanyl….

Some Americans are Seriously Ignorant 1

It’s true boys and girls,  Americans in general are becoming dumber and what’s even scarier is that so called educated people who are supposed to have in-depth backgrounds in business and history are coming across as seriously clued out. The average person on the street is a lost cause…  

Hilarious Chinese Fashion

Here’s a collection of pics of Chinese fashion statements. Looks like the factory didn’t have a translator with an intimate understanding of the English language. Look how most of the wearers of these garments probably have no idea what their wearing!