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Epic Wingsuit Flight Under the Arm of Christ

Amazing wingsuit flight under the arm of the Christ statue in Rio De Janeiro. These flights usually go ok, but many of these guys eventually land up smacking into bridges, towers or the ever-loving ground. Avoid this sport which is pretty much in the same category as skydiving…

Inside Sunken Superyacht Yogi

This superyacht was owned by three investors and was available for lease by wealthy people on a weekly or longer term basis. Some hatch doors were left open during a bad storm and the boat sunk in the Mediterranean. No lives were lost immediately, however one of the owners was financially ruined by the sinking […]

Convair Coronado – Too Fast for its Time

Convair was a serious competitor in the early days of aviation. Highly successful at propeller airplanes, they created the Coronado which was the fastest jetliner in its time. Sadly, the high fuel costs and lower passenger capacity compared to other slower jetliners made it financially unsuccessful.

Helicopter Crash Video 2

Compilation of some very scary chopper crashes. After seeing these you probably won’t want to get into one. Some of these crashes are just a few feet off the ground and very sudden, when rotors fails or other mechanical failures leave no room for error….  

Dead Bodies on Everest

There are still 200 bodies that remain on Everest. Usually bodies remain where climbers die, and with the cold climate, decay is very slow, however some bodies on the lower parts of Everest do slowly decay and pollute the melting water that descends into the river below. This makes villagers downstream sick because of the […]

Air Crash Investigation Fatal Set Up

Tragic flight in a Boeing 737 COPA Flight 201, where the pilots engage a faulty gyroscope in the cockpit. This leads to total disorientation in the dark, and both pilots eventually lose control of the plane. This puts them in such an extreme dive that the plane literally disintegrates in mid air as it plummets […]

The Amazing Model T

Here is a great documentary on the car that changed the world. It not only became the first assembly line production car but it changed the way of life and the prosperity of America. Even today, some production techniques pioneered with the Model T prevail today…  

The Plane that Fell From the Sky

This classic CBS documentary from 1983 reviews the 1979 near crash of TWA flight 841. The pilots were able to regain control of the Boeing 727 after it fell thousands of feet and made an emergency landing. The passengers heralded the pilots as heroes who blamed the near crash on faulty controls. However, investigators said […]

No Planes on 911 [1.29 hr]

Extensive documentary involving the engineers for truth group, as well as other authorities like John Lear and Judy Wood. Check out this video with an open mind and think about the possibilities that we are being deceived when it comes to the real truth of how 911 was pulled off…