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Hilarious Flight Attendant

Listen to this gay sounding male flight attendant give passengers the pre-flight safety briefing. It’s pretty funny…

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Grocery Store of the Future

In the future, you won’t even have to get up off your hairy fat ass to buy…

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Nasty Bitch Destroys Pharmacy

After being caught shoplifting, all they want to do is get her out of the store. There’s…

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The Three Stooges – A Bird in the Head [1940]

Hilarious episode where Vernon Dent plays a mad scientist and wants to do a brain transplant on…

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India Finds a Cure for the Corona Virus

Watch this Indian dude demonstrate their perfect cure for eradicating the evil Corona Virus….

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Drinking is a Man’s Job

Watch how women totally screw up trying to open various bottles of alcoholic beverages. It’s best to…

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Toilet Paper Fights

Here are some of the best in-store toilet paper fights in the past month. Let’s hope the…

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Above the Fiji Islands [96 min]

Enjoy this extra long video of drone flight over the Fiji Islands with awesome relaxation music too….

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Fails and Funny Coffin Dances

Zany compilation of fails and sequences of crazy Haitian funeral processions where the pallbearers put on quite…

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Heavy People Fails

Watch people who are gravitationally challenged seek fun and adventure and screw up royally….

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Flying Porta Potties

Some picnic even went to shit when high winds destroyed everything. The porta potties took flight like…

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Crazy Russian Moments 1

A fun compilation of those zany Russians in situations you just don’t typically see in America…