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Amazing Trans-Siberian Railway Tour

You can take this trip over 17 glorious days for about $4000 per person. It’s the longest train tour ride in the world and actually ends in China! Check out this scenic and culturally rich journey. Maybe you’ll be booking a ticket on the Trans-Siberian railway soon…

Completely Lame Canadian Cannonball TV Series 1950’s

During the evolution of television in the 50’s many great TV shows emerged. I Love Lucy, leave it to Beaver and the Honeymooners were among the best that the industry turned out in that era. There were many really lame shows too, filled with bad actors, lame plots and pointless episodes. Here is an episode […]

Mexican Road Rage

It looks like every country has its versions of road rage and Mexico is no exception. Watch this compilation of Mexicans freaking out behind the wheel. Some curses in Spanish and some subtitles too. Enjoy, Muchachos….

Amazing Train Ride Through American History

Great documentary that takes you over 2,000 miles from New Orleans to New York City. Experience the history, scenery and legends that make America so rich in its heritage and history. And this video only involves the east coast. It’s only the tip of the iceberg! Enjoy…

Amazing Lukla Airport Approach

Lukla Airport near Mount Everest is considered the most dangerous airport to approach and land. Pilots must thread their way through treacherous mountain passes and then land on the single short runway at Lukla that dead ends into the mountain. Look in the distance at 0:30 – as the camera pans to the left, you […]

Iran Train Trip

Check out this traveler who went 1000 miles in Iran over 23 hours for a very modest price. The scenes show Iran as a pretty nice place to visit, with friendly and easygoing people. The train itself is just as nice as anything you might ride in the west too….