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The Three Stooges – Out West [1946]

One of the first episodes featuring Shemp Howard who returned to the act in 1946. In this episode, The Three Stooges are mistaken by the crooks in a western cowboy town to own a massive vein of gold in the hills. The bad guys lock them up and mayhem ensues as they try to escape […]

The Three Stooges – G.I. Wanna Go Home 1946

Hilarious post Word War 2 episode depicting the housing shortage after the war that created the housing and economic boom up to and through the 1960’s. This is one of the last episodes dear Curly was in before his debilitating stroke later in the same year. Older brother Shemp would come back to the act […]

Three Stooges A Pain in the Pullman (1936)

This is one of the earlier classics featuring some of Curly’s first episodes. Train travel was very popular in the 1930’s. It was also one of the many venues that the Stooges liked to use because of the wide array of site gags they could embellish in their zany travels…

The Life of Curly Howard

Curly Howard was perhaps the most loved of The Three Stooges. His iconic brilliance in comedy will be remembered forever. Curly (his real name was Jerome) was a genius at slap stick comedy but was far more multi-dimensional a man than most people realized. Sadly, a stroke in the late 1940’s ended Curly’s career with […]