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Drunk Grandpa Spins on Escalator

Watch this drunk old Russian dude spin around on the escalator rails, much to the chagrin of the other patrons and security staff. This is what happens when you retire in Russia. Vodka and stupid stunts await you…

Drunk Russian Fire Squad

Ivasek is doing stunts in the parking lot in his Lada when the piece of shit catches fire. Here comes the Leningrad fire department to the rescue. Only Bogdan and his crew have been polishing off the vodka reserves at the fire station waiting for an emergency. Let’s hope Ivasek has full insurance and another […]

Russian Grenade Girl

Slavka is hanging out in this type of bunker and demonstrates how to safely throw a grenade to demolish a section. Her aim is pure shit and when the grenade bounces off the wall, all the Russians run for cover…

Longest Skydiving Landing in History

During Russian Military paratrooper training, Igor comes down just fine. That’s when all his troubles begin and with the high winds, he keeps landing and landing and landing. Eventually fellow soldiers Ivan and Dmitri run out to try to end Igor’s ordeal. Looks like all of them are being powered by vodka…