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Russian Road Rage

Looks like someone cut Igor off. He needs to impress Natasha how macho he is so he starts with a hatchet and escalates to his trusty handgun. Then he runs the Russian red light as he makes his departure. Good times in Russia. Piotre in the other car needs a new tire and radiator…

Home Made Russian Saw Mill

Look at this very cool sawmill made from very few parts by some typical Russian guy. You can probably operate it hammered on vodka too. Think about making one for yourself and cut your own lumber at a fraction of the cost….

A Look Inside a $100,000 Russian House

Nice Russian lady takes us for a tour of newly built houses in Russia. For $100,000 all you get is the shell, and then you need to finish it yourself. They are made of solid brick, really shitty design for the cold Russian climate. Then you need to insulate the shit out of it. Also […]