Retarded33 Videos

Retards of Nurburgring

The famed track near Nurburg Germany is known for its world class races including Grand Prix level events. When sanctioned race events are not being held, any retard can take their street legal car out on the track and whip it around and see how fast they can go. These events are known as TOURISTENFAHRTEN. […]

Latest Atrocities in Modern Art

Paul Joseph Watson brilliantly analyses the utter stupidity of modern art and how many people have more money than brains. The smart ones she how full of shit it all is but launder their money through this racket and probably get massive kickbacks from the artists. That’s the only way it makes any sense….It’s really […]

Trans-racial Weirdo Identifies as a Filipino Woman

Watch this loser dye his hair pink and claim he identifies as a Filipino woman. Better still, listen to his reasons for his new identity, like watching TV documentaries. Paul Joseph Watson analyses this crackpot and concludes that he’s just not putting in enough effort in being a nut job…

Pointless Miniature Trucks

Here’s a compilation of these miniature trucks that seem to do nothing but take a ton of time and money to construct. There are also some clips of some Shriners in their miniature trucks doing pointless shit too in some parades…..