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Psychotic Professor Goes Nuts Over a Yawn

Idiot professor lecturing to 200 students goes crazy over a simple yawn from a student. No one really gives a shit and who really cares. All these students will be working at McDonald’s or Starbucks after graduation do none of this bullshit really matters anyway…

American Road Rage 1

Funny compilation of American drivers going nuts behind the wheel. We see lots of Russian road rage videos, Americans can participate in the madness too. In fact, it’s getting scarier out on our American roads every day.  So remember, steer clear of nutjobs on the road and just let them pass you if you can. […]

Horse Kick in the Face

It looks like this girl doesn’t know when she pisses off her horse. He politely throws her off as a warning. As she persists, the horse really decides to show her who’s boss…

Guy REALLY Wants to Shop

During the G20 Summit in Toronto Canada, there was a temporary lock down of the Eaton’s Center in the downtown core. This local nutcase comes to the mall and goes ballistic when he discovers the doors are locked with people locked down inside for a while. Teenage dudes get into the scene and make fun […]

The Farting Preacher Today

Robert Tilton is still around as the Farting Preacher and is still ripping people off on TV as well as on his website. Send him your money so he can “pray” over your remittance form. In reality, he’s taken your cash and your prayer form is in a dumpster on its way to the city […]

Social Justice Warriors Meltdowns

Compilation of various SJW’s going fucking nuts on camera. They’re triggered by some shit and go totally bananas.Imagine living or working with such a crackpot day in and day out. There are even some Canadian SJW’s in the video. Check them out. I thought Canadians were calm and benevolent people EH?

Couple in Chrysler Run Over a Whale

During a protest some big fat woman land -whale blocks some couple driving a Chrysler 300. She uses her massive belly to block the car but the car keeps inching forward. Other protesters get into a heated argument with the couple who eventually have had enough and hit the gas. The whale rolls on the […]

Trump Rally Screamer

The trump Rally Screamer sounds like a cool ride at the Midway, but it’s not. A small and pleasant conservative Trump rally is momentarily disrupted by some left wing low- I.Q. retard female who starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Maybe she actually coughed up a lung doing this idiotic act. In the […]

Name That Drug

Our guess is the guy is loaded with PCP also known as Angel’s Dust. This guy has no idea what’s going on around him and staggers around until the cops come. Although he is in his pajama bottoms with no weapon, cop number two gets out the old trusty shotgun in case this guy passes […]

Bottom End of Society

Check out these degenerates somewhere in the U.K. at some low life concert. Watch them flail and bounce about like total morons and then charge each other and bang around some more. None of these losers are going to be getting a job any time soon, being this stupid. And notice how there are only […]