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Right in the Pussy Guy

Here’s a compilation of scenes from the “Fucked her right in the pussy” guy. He sneaks into live TV reports and utters his famous phrase and demolishes all the tight ass female reporters….

Road Rage – Biker Gives the Guy the Slip

After cutting off some ugly asshole in a red car, dude on the bike gets chased for quite a while until biker guy takes evasive action and escapes between the cars at speeds over 100 miles per hour. The good news, the biker got away from that psycho. The bad news is with more driving […]

Kind Man Saves Newborn Calf

Heartwarming video of a kind man who stops when he sees a cow in distress. Her baby calf has slipped down and been pinned under a fence. The poor calf is getting dehydrated and needs milk. The man helps the calf get unstuck and reunites the calf with its grateful mother…

How to Deal With Radar Traps – Russian Style

Ivan and Bogdan aren’t going to let a police radar trap get the better of them. These guys take care of the radar trap like a boss and drive off triumphantly. We don’t know however if the cops found them later and beat the living shit out of them – Russian Style.