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Right in the Pussy Guy

Here’s a compilation of scenes from the “Fucked her right in the pussy” guy. He sneaks into live TV reports and utters his famous phrase and demolishes all the tight ass female reporters….

Name That Drug

Our guess is the guy is loaded with PCP also known as Angel’s Dust. This guy has no idea what’s going on around him and staggers around until the cops come. Although he is in his pajama bottoms with no weapon, cop number two gets out the old trusty shotgun in case this guy passes […]

Make Beer from Grocery Store Ingredients PT 2

In this video, the guy has made his beer and thinks it’s pretty goof for store bought ingredients. It looks murky, shouldn’t beer be nice and clear? Check out his girlfriend at the end who wonders what it actually is. Maybe if they wait the beer will settle and get clear….maybe it tastes ok though…