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Hitler Wants Himmler to get the Groceries

They’re running out of food in the FuhrerBunker and Hitler wants Himmler to drop everything and go get the groceries. Worse than that, Hitler’s all out of Nutella, after fattie Goering licked the last jar clean. Himmler takes the money and goes elsewhere and does not get the groceries which puts Hitler into another one […]

Hitler Starts a Helpline

In the bunker, Hitler dreams up the idea of starting a call-in helpline. All he gets are prank calls and combined with his short temper, everyone has a good laugh. Eventually Hitler disbands the help line and goes off to plan a new venture….

Hitler’s Mountain Retreat

Ever wonder where guys like Hitler go to chill out and party? Check out his mountain villa where some say he spent most of the war hanging out in. Looks like a nice place, but it’s been long since demolished. The bench that Hitler used to sit on and dream up his next conquest still […]