History of Interest50 Videos

The Legendary L1011 TriStar

Documentary on the amazing Lockheed L1011 Tristar. The triple engine plane that could land itself and compete with the DC-10 and 747. Yet, advanced as it was for its time, it almost bankrupted Lockheed and ended their commercial jet manufacturing activities forever…

The Carlton Villa

Here’s what’s left of the famous Carlton Villa nestled within the Thousand Island of New York State. It’s reputed as being the most haunted mansion in the world and has a history of tragedy. Today it’s beyond repair…

Niagara Falls – A Brief History

This is a really interesting History Channel documentary about Niagara Falls. For over a century it’s been the target of commercial exploitation, and has evolved into one of the world’s most popular tourist sites. If you’ve been to the Falls this will offer you great insight into it’s eventful past. If you never make it […]

Andrew Jackson America’s 7th President (1.29 hr)

A great documentary on one of the greatest of our presidents, soon to be taken off of the $20 bill, because some people think he was a prick. Watch this documentary and see how this man of men saved America from falling to the British in New Orleans. America may not exist today if it […]

Abandoned Mansion Tour

A detailed video fo a magnificent abandoned mansion with the remnants of cars also, lying around as the elements consume both the house and everything on the property. So sad when grand properties end likes this….

I Can’t Believe You Made It

A great portrayal of how we were in older times. The simplicity, safety and sense of previous generations without the crybaby snowflakes, everyone getting offended, and all the other bullshit we put up with today….

Soldiers in Hiding

Veterans from the Viet Nam war returned to the USA in some cases with difficulty assimilating back to society. Some of these solders used their survival skills to escape into the woods and live in survivor mode. This documentary reveals how a handful of these men exist alone, out of society with a unique way […]

The Story of the USS Shenandoah

The History Guy reveals the triumphs and tragedies of the Airship Shenandoah. This airship was actually made by the Germans for war reparations and given to the USA. It was the predecessor to the Macon and Akron and sadly it succumbed to bad weather and plunged to the ground…

Helios Ghost Plane

This documentary reviews the very sad story of the Greek 737 run by Helios Airlines that lost cabin pressure causing everyone to pass out and then suffocate in 2005. The ghost plane traveled for a few more hours with one sole survivor desperately trying to regain control of the aircraft. His last attempts are observed […]

The Shinkansen Super Train

Remarkably this high speed train was built in Japan in the 1960’s as a post war effort to bring people together between large cities. Few high speed trains surpass the speed, efficiency and long term profitability of this concept. After it’s inception, Japan went to to multiply it’s number of tracks and trains by a […]

American Airlines DC-7

Watch this great film on the classic DC-7 from the 1950’s. This was a very cool and solid airplane prior to the era of our modern jetliners. This was the first non stop trans continental airplane of its time with a solid safety record as well. Check out the doilies on all the seats that […]

Bird Cay Abandoned Mansion

Check out this abandoned mansion ravaged by the elements in Bird Cay Island in the Bahamas. Imagine this mansion’s grandeur, space and features when it was in its prime. It’s sad to look at it in this state but it’s probably too far gone to restore….