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The Subaru of the 1960’s

Here’s an old film of Subaru’s first attempt at importing a car into the USA. Many said it looked ugly and sales were poor. The tiny car got 66 miles per gallon and was easy to park and maintain. Ironically micro cars are making a big comeback around the world….

How 8-Track Players Revolutionized Car Music

If you’re less than 40 years old you won’t know what an 8-track player was. However it was the first viable system for listening to pre-recorded music in your car. Eventually after a few plays of the tape the wow and flutter became unbearable and the bulky tapes basically filled the back seat of your […]

Early Detection of Cirrhosis of the Liver

Legendary Dr. Berg talks about your liver in this great video. Are you pounding back a few too many drinks after work? You may be on your way to seriously fucking up your liver, and then it’s game over. Look at these early warning signs of liver problems and go have yourself a cup of […]

The Amazing Model T

Here is a great documentary on the car that changed the world. It not only became the first assembly line production car but it changed the way of life and the prosperity of America. Even today, some production techniques pioneered with the Model T prevail today…  

Leave It To Beaver Legacy

For those that don’t know or remember, Leave It To Beaver was a show that aired 60 years ago in the 1950’s. You need to find some episodes and check it out. This was when America was at its peak. and everything was normal. Families were normal and children treated adults with respect. Social whackos […]

Lorena Bobbitt Speaks

For those that don’t know or remember, Lorena Bobbitt is the psycho woman who got pissed off with her husband and cut his pecker off with a knife. She then drove away with it and threw it in a ditch somewhere. They retrieved his schlong and reattached it. It worked pretty good after that, so […]

David Hahn – Kid Builds Nuclear Reactor

This is the incredible story about David Hahn who as a young teenager, through determination and deceit was able to get the materials to build a nuclear reactor in his backyard shed. As he neared completion, the government by a fluke caught wind of his experiments and discovered he had irradiated the neighborhood. His mother […]

Ronald Reagan tells Soviet Jokes

Beloved president Ronald Reagan was president in the 1980’s when Communism under Gorbechov was still the system of government in Russia. Reagan used to enjoy telling jokes during his presidential speeches that take stabs at the Communist way of life. Reagan could run a country as well as be entertaining, because of his acting background…

Trip Through New York City in 1911

Very interesting compilation of old films from New York City early in the 1900’s. The compilation has been speed corrected and sound has been added. Fascinating to see the horses on the street, the old buildings and how people dressed up just to go out. Interesting times…