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Boy Scouts Offer Free Breast Exams for Women

Two boy scouts have decided to make their project to earn their community service badge a free breast examination service. They’ll do it if you come over to their basement or are happy to make house calls. They’ve discovered that blondes need examinations more often and are happy to do repeat exams for them. They […]

Faces Before and After Meth

Here’s a collection of people and how they changed after long term meth abuse. This nasty drug makes the abuser lose weight, lost their teeth, ruin their skin and lose hair. On the inside it gets even worse with ruined organs as well as a fucked up brain….

Jennifer is Addicted to Eating Mattresses

We don’t make this shit up. Some young woman in America spends most of her day eating mattresses and it shows. She kinda looks like a fucking mattress herself. It looks like the mattress material just sits in her belly. She must be a fire hazard like most foam mattresses.  

Why Japanese People Are healthy and Live Long

Smart Japanese dude explains why Japanese people are much healthier than their American counterparts. They eat healthier foods and stay away from all the sugars we eat. And don’t forget the portion sizes that westerners consume. Japanese and Europeans in general have lower portion sizes and calorie intakes than American fatbags. Try one or all […]

Don’t Do Drugs – Stay in School

Well, actually just don’t do drugs, they’ll mess you up. As far as school is concerned, we now know that colleges and universities are just a big racket and 90% of the graduates never work in their academic field or actually use their degrees. Check out this 1950’s documentary on the evils and risks of […]

Laotian Girlie Weightlifter

Most Laotian girls are pretty limited as to what they can lift. Maybe a bowl of fruit or something. Very determined Laotian girl gets into the big league here with her power lifting. Look at her eyes when she is lifting and you’ll see she’s in a different world. After the lift she’s probably in […]

Crazy Alcohol Dude Drinks Whole Bottle of Rum

Alcohol dude likes being seriously drunk so he downs a whole mickey of 151 proof Bicardi Rum in four seconds flat. Then he chases it with some cola he says, to prevent any burning sensations. He drinks like this but is concerned that all the booze he drinks will blow a hole in his stomach. […]

Is Cum Nutritious?

Nerdy nutjob blathers on about what’s in a guy’s cum and how diet can improve the taste of it. Just in case you woke up this morning wondering how to make your cum taste better. If she lost the toque and glasses and did a better job at makeup and talked about something relevant (like […]

What Happens to you When you Drink Wine Every Night

Like getting totally loaded every night? It looks like wine may be better for you than beer or liquor. So check out this video and see the benefits of drinking a glass of wine every day to your health. It looks like getting totally shitfaced on wine isn’t much help. Also, if you’re an old […]

Ten reasons NOT to do a DNA Test

People are paying good money to get their DNA tested only to get back some bogus report that says that they’re 1% Mongolian. Who gives a fuck. However, once you surrender your DNA to these websites they become open domain and the police and authorities can tap into this information easily. It’s worse than surrendering […]