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How to Make Moonshine

Moonshine is American as apple pie, but today you can only use it to make ethanol fuel with a permit. So this video by Claw Hammer Supply is for educational purposes only. Check out how easy it can be and look at their very cool equipment too….  

Ten reasons NOT to do a DNA Test

People are paying good money to get their DNA tested only to get back some bogus report that says that they’re 1% Mongolian. Who gives a fuck. However, once you surrender your DNA to these websites they become open domain and the police and authorities can tap into this information easily. It’s worse than surrendering […]

Secrets to Buying a Used Car

Auto Legend Scotty Kilmer talks about the five big things you need to look at when buying a sued car. Follow his advice and you just may land up with a good buy on your hands that will serve you faithfully for years to come…

Bomber Hits Empire State Building

Remember when them planes suposedly hit the World Trade Centre Towers in New York on Sept 11th, 2001? Remember how the planes supposedly “melted” into the buildings with no debris to be found? Check out this REAL event where a Mitchell B25 Bomber smacks into the Empire State Building in 1945. A big plane hits […]

Longest Internet Car Scam in History

Well meaning guy explains how scammers sucker people into sending money for replica cars that are promised in six weeks but never materialize. They’ve been scamming for over ten years now. They bait people with amazing low prices and ask for a big deposit up front and then vanish….Buyers beware – you can’t get a […]

World’s Most Remote Communities

Ever thought of packing it in and moving to bum-fuck nowhere? Many remote places have solitude for you but lack some of the amenities that you’d probably start missing, like sluts, drugs and other ill shit. Some of them are totally fucking depressing too, so check these five communities out and think it over first…

Major Car Buying Mistakes

Kevin Hunter reviews 13 common car buying mistakes that people make, and get taken for a ride. Wtahc this video first and get prepared properly before you venture out to buy a car and make a great deal for yourself…

Mobile Living as an Alternate Way of Life

Heartwarming documentary on a handful of special people who have either chosen or been forced into the alternate lifestyle of mobile living. Listen to their stories and see how they have made mobile living a quality way of life. More and more people are choosing tiny homes, mobile homes and other forms of non traditional […]

The Dumb Dad and Domestic Commercials

Here’s a video from 2010 on how men are portrayed as immature, selfish, stupid and incompetent. This is part of a master agenda.  Luke Palandech the narrator of the video, back then asks that men be portrayed in a more positive light, yet men are being portrayed more frequently and aggressively as incompetent boobs and […]

Breaking the Magician’s Code 1

This little known series was breaking new ground in the world of magic. The magician demonstrates a series of amazing tricks and then explains the secrets on how they were accomplished. As you discover many of the tricks and secrets of the magician, you’ll see how illusion and distraction can completely fool you…

The Manslater – Woman’s Language Translator

Are you constantly confused by what women are saying to you? Do you constantly fuck up every situation with a woman because you heard them say something and took it at face value? You need the Manslater, a device that will interpret what she really means and not just what she says. If you want […]