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Do Some People Get on your Nerves?

We all have those irritating people in our live, basically crazy, with nervous twitches and other things you’d wish they’d stop doing. Now you have an answer! Give them a fucking lobotomy. It’s easy, remember Jeffrey Dahmer? That serial killer party animal used to give his victims lobotomies and you can too. Check out how […]

CBD Oil and Parkinsons Disease

CBD oil from either hemp or cannabis is having great success in controlling symptoms from Parkinsons as well as slowing or stopping its development. The effect of a few drops under the tongue can take effect as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes…

Cool Effects for VLC That You May Not Know

VLC is the world’s largest open source video and audio player. Here are 15 great options and effects that VLC offers that most people are not aware of. Check them out and enhance your VLC experience… You can download VLC for virtually any operating system including Android phones at:

Home Made Tin Can Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are the most efficient design of any wood burning device. The rocket effect delivers maximum heat for cooking with very small amounts of wood. Learn how to make your own cheap rocket stove from a one gallon paint can and some other metal parts…

Gay Easy to Make Bread Recipe

You don’t have to spend big money on bread any more. Get a bread maker and make your own bread for way less than $1 a loaf. This somewhat gay guy will show you how to get started making your own bread….

Almost 100 Uses for Used Motor Oil

This is an interesting video where this guy talks about a whole bunch of ways to use waste motor oil. He blathers on for almost two minutes about his disclaimers but after that he comes up with some good ideas mostly for rural places. He doesn’t actually come up with a hundred uses so he’s […]

Very Cool Tiny House

Bryce Langston visits a shop in Chatenooga tennesee to witness the full construction of a very compact tiny house on a trailer, that was custom designed for one of their clients. This design offers great utility and mobility for the future owners…

200 Proofs That the Earth is Flat

Eric Dubay had a big channel on Youtube but because he says the earth is flat they canceled his channel. By the time you finish watching this video you’ll be scratching your head and wondering about it all, and being a little more careful where you go, so you don’t fall of the edge sometime….

The Water Mouse

Mercury boats built the Water Mouse in the early 2000’s for Disneyland resorts. Later, Sea Ray build a more modern version that replaced the Water Mouse around 2008. The  Water Mouse livery was sold off and can be bought periodically on Kijjiji or Craiglist. This cute little two seater uses a small 8 horspower motor […]