Funny175 Videos

The Translator

This short film depicts the evil deceit between women, even young girls who acquire the backstabbing skills at a young age. Watch this video that ends in justice and a funny twist….

Grape Fruit Love Making Technique

Maxim Bady reviews this woman’s explanation of using a grapefruit in the bedroom. In the video, she’s wearing a lavalier lapel microphone so when she does her demonstration the sound she makes is not of this world. Bady cracks up over the sound she makes and vows to steer clear of this sex demon….

Mr Bean’s Funeral Episode

Mr Bean comes back in 2015 to redo some of his classic material that made Rowan Atkinson a comic legend in the 1990’s. Here, he attends a funeral and look for the selfie he takes with his smart phone – a device that didn’t exist during the original Mr Bean era. Dressed in his classic […]

Reefer Madness 1936 Marijuana Documentary

Apparently up there in Canada where they just legalized recreational Marijuana, their prime minister Tim Horton forgot to watch this documentary. According to their research, if you smoke any marijuana, you’ll lose your fucking mind instantly and start hiding in bushes, pouncing on women, then raping them and all sorts of ill shit. This is […]