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Hilariously Bad Translations

Here is an array of signs, menus and other documents  in foreign countries that have really missed the mark when it comes to accurately translating into the English language. Some of these signs are professionally done, which makes us wonder why they don’t have the resources to get a proper linguistic translator to correctly create […]

Insane Arab Drifting

More Arab crazies pushing their vehicles and themselves to the limit. Check out the guys riding their SUV on two wheels for miles, as well as the interior dash cam videos….

Wasting an IRS Scammer’s Time

Ashton Bingham messes around with some IRS scammers, by wasting their time and getting their hopes up that he is actually going to send them some money. Check out the American sounding names of all the IRS scammers who speak with thick East Indian accents. Good times had by all…

Paris is now a Shithole

Patrick Joseph Watson looks at the current state of Paris after the wave of refugees. He even compares pictures from 2015 to today. You’ll see how three or four years has changed Paris into a complete shithole…

Ali G Interviews Trump

Remembver Sacha Baron Cohen who Played Borat in the 2006 movie? As an even earlier character of his, Ali G, he disguised himself and interviews a much younger Donald Trump. Eventually Trump sees the scam and stupidity of it all and politely walks off camera… TRUMP: 1. ALI G: 0

Helicopter Made in Uganda

This guy is taking lessons from the Kenyan guy who is building an airplane. This thing has the same issues – small motor, too heavy and the rotors are too small. He’s had a few accidents in this piece of shit and although it has never flown, it looks like a helicopter that the NTSB […]