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Indian Student builds his own Car Shitbox

So this 19 year old Indian guy takes a used Hyundai Accent that would at least meet India’s safety standards and have 4 seats, a roof, heat and air conditioning. He creates an open two seat buggy with no safety equipment, air, heat or a roof.  A total piece of shit from a functional car. […]

Mustang Wanted Compilation

An array of crazy videos of this Russian Guy who calls himself Mustang Wanted. He climbs just about everything making you sick just watching him. The guy is still alive but about a dozen followers who have attempted to copy his stunts in Russia have fallen to their deaths….

Bad Polish Drivers

Poland is pretty close to Russia so they must have picked up their bad drunk driving habits. This is the KURVA edition, listen for this Polish curse in a few of the accidents right after impact….

China’s Terrifying Social Credit System

Paul Joseph Watson reveals China’s evolving social credit system that seems like a slice out of Orwell’s 1984 book. With technology, the communist government claims that it can successfully monitor the behaviour of it’s citizens, at least in the urban areas. People will have a social credit score that will adversely affect what they can […]

China’s Bicycle Crisis

See what happens when shared bicycles are unregulated and millions of bikes flood Chinese cities without regulated docking stations. Mountains of metal all over the place clogging parks, bike lanes and parking lots. Maybe the Chinese should regulate the number of bikes allowed into the market and see how we Americans do it…

Hilarious IRS Scams Explosed

Here is a brilliant prankster who messes with an Indian scammer who tells him he is from the IRS and owes $5000. How he is instructed to pay the debt to the government turns out to be absolutely absurd…

Camping on a Chimney

This Romanian Couple goes around climbing the tallest chimneys in Europe. In this case they actually pitch a tent on the top of the chimney and spend the night. Either side of the chimney is 600 feet to the ground…..

Sweden’s Feminizing of Boys

The left wing lunatics of Sweden who have already destroyed this once beautiful country are now raising their boys as girls in some sort of anti-male let’s wipe out guys program. Here are a couple of messed up lesbians raising two boys as girls. One of the lesbians is trying to be the “dad” with […]