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Television Commercials From the 80’s

Here are a bunch of commercials from the 1980’s. You can see that they’ve been selling us the same shit for decades. You’ll also see how blurry and crappy TV was in that period. When you’re used to high definition images, these commercials look like shit….

Why Japanese People Are healthy and Live Long

Smart Japanese dude explains why Japanese people are much healthier than their American counterparts. They eat healthier foods and stay away from all the sugars we eat. And don’t forget the portion sizes that westerners consume. Japanese and Europeans in general have lower portion sizes and calorie intakes than American fatbags. Try one or all […]

How to Drink Whiskey like a Pro

If whiskey is your thang, check out this eccentric Scotsman and his method of drinking scotch whiskey. It sounds a little complicated but give it a try. After that, just pour it in the fucking glass and drink away until you pass out….

Is Cum Nutritious?

Nerdy nutjob blathers on about what’s in a guy’s cum and how diet can improve the taste of it. Just in case you woke up this morning wondering how to make your cum taste better. If she lost the toque and glasses and did a better job at makeup and talked about something relevant (like […]

What Happens to you When you Drink Wine Every Night

Like getting totally loaded every night? It looks like wine may be better for you than beer or liquor. So check out this video and see the benefits of drinking a glass of wine every day to your health. It looks like getting totally shitfaced on wine isn’t much help. Also, if you’re an old […]

Abandoned Expo 1986 Floating McBarge

McDonald’s was one of the official fast food suppliers for the Expo 1986 world fair in Vancouver Canada. One of their most touted restaurants was a floating barge that was mothballed shortly after the close of the world fair. The barge has changed hands several times and locations but remains as a derelict vessel, basically […]

Make Beer from Grocery Store Ingredients PT 2

In this video, the guy has made his beer and thinks it’s pretty goof for store bought ingredients. It looks murky, shouldn’t beer be nice and clear? Check out his girlfriend at the end who wonders what it actually is. Maybe if they wait the beer will settle and get clear….maybe it tastes ok though…

How to Make Moonshine

Moonshine is American as apple pie, but today you can only use it to make ethanol fuel with a permit. So this video by Claw Hammer Supply is for educational purposes only. Check out how easy it can be and look at their very cool equipment too….  

Fat Chance (1.25 hrs)

A Canadian National Film Board docudrama made way back in 1994 about this very likable porker. This guy weighs almost 400 pounds and tries to go on a diet but doesn’t get too far. So he says fuck it and starts the fat acceptance movement. Maybe he fucks a fat chick in the end….

High Functioning Alcoholics

Do you have friends who get hammered, fall over and shit their pants? That’s how most alcoholics operate, but you may have a friend who is regarded as a high functioning alcoholic. These people appear normal, hold down jobs and even become top achievers. Yet they are in a silent battle with themselves and usually […]

Paw Paw’s Home Made Apple Wine

Here’s a delicious wine you can make for about $1 a bottle! Watch Paw Paw simplify the process into three simple ingredients – pure apple juice, sugar and yeast. As an independent empowered black woman, I prefer my wine dry and not too sweet so when I make this wine I use 3/4 a cup […]